Thursday, August 21, 2008

Be Mindful of Your Thoughts...What the Hell Does That Mean?

So here are my final entries for Derek Jeter vs. Peyton Manning contest. But to be perfectly fair, I have to admit that the Peyton Entry that I had in mind for tonight's post cannot be found on the Internet. So keep that mind.

So let's start with Peyton. I have shown his best commercials and now here is my pick for the 2nd best Peyton of the field.

I think that this is incredibly funny...but only because it is not me. Should certain videos from my youth ever surface...I will be mortified. I think what is awesome is the fact that he did in fact totally rock the routine. It is just awesome.

And now I am ever so pleased to present my favorite Derek Jeter off the field moment. I remember seeing this when it aired for the 1st time on TV...and being overwhelmed by it. The combination of Derek Jeter and Star Wars was almost too much for me to handle. See for yourself.

Moving on...both men were destined to become the amazing athlete that he is today. Take a look...

So here is the bottom line. After reviewing both is clear that we have two totally different men who are totally awesome in their own way. So let's break it down.

Starting with Derek:

- OMG! Is there any doubt that he is the sexiest man to walk the planet? It doesn't matter which video clip you look at...he is looks damn gorgeous.
- Oh those eyes. OK so I have talked about it before and will probably talk about it again...Derek's eyes are amazing. In several clips you get a close up of those hardly seems fair to compare him to anyone with eyes like that.
- There is no doubt that Derek loves being a Yankee. Every video clip makes reference to or is centered around being a New York Yankee. His devotion to the Yankees might be on the sexiest things about him.
- None found as posting time. Still open to suggestions.

On to Peyton:

- That smile. While Peyton is not where close to being in the same league as Derek as far as good looks...there is something to be said about that smile. I suspect that it could melt more than a few hearts.
- Confidence. How confident in yourself would you have to be in order to make fun of yourself as much as Peyton does? On and off the field...Peyton is the man and he knows it...and it comes through in every video clip.
- His sense of humor. Some say that the way to a girls heart is through her funny bone. If that is true...than Peyton is a lucky man because he is funny as hell. On really bad days I will youtube his Mastercard Commercials because they always make me laugh.
While I laugh my ass off at every commerical he does and I get a rush every time he steps on the field...there is no flutter of in the heart.

There really is no clear cut winner...but I have made my decision none the less. And the winner is....

Why? Check his pros list and then take into consideration while Peyton has more funny moments than Derek...Derek is still capable of making me laugh. (As proven by the ESPY skit.) Peyton can make me laugh but he cannot make me swoon...and for that reason...Derek wins again.


Jeff said...

Is it possible for you to go one week with blogging about Derek?

Conner Gliman said...

That ESPY Skit is hilarious. It is the best that you posted.

Which thing were you going to use for the Peyton thing?

THE TODD said...

Don't be quick to laugh my friend. I can think of talent show, play, and gymnastic performances that you probably wouldn't want people to see

The ESPY Skit is one of the funniest scenes by an actor. Awesome pick Millie Vanillie.

Millie said...

Jeff - Why would one want to go a week without blogging about Jeter?

Conner - I wanted to use the SNL United Way skit.

Todd - Know this my friend...I am not ashamed of any of the videos from my youth. In other words...bring it.

Millie said...

And can I just point out who insanely hot Derek looks in the "I Live For This" clip? Towards the end of the video there is a single moment where he looks directly at the is almost too much to take.

THE TODD said...

As gay as this makes me sound I actually know what part you are talking about. It is a pretty bad ass scene

Dr. Fine said...

How can you possibly be think that Derek Jeter is anywhere close to being in the same league as Peyton Manning? On Peyton's worst day Derek would still come up short.

Your taste in men sucks Millie.