Monday, April 7, 2008

The Dice Was Loaded From The Start

So here we are is Monday night and that means Monday Night Shuffle. But before we jump into the music...let's talk baseball.

I hate to admit it but I have missed baseball. I have missed it so much that I even watched part of the Boston game yesterday. And truth be much as I hate A-Rod...I cannot stay away from the Yankees. What can I say? I just keep touching the damn stove.

So it started off as a great night of baseball. Elizabeth and I decided to have a picnic on the living room floor with sushi and chocolate milk as we watched our beloved Yankees take on the Devil Rays. (I take great pride in the fact that she is a fourth generation Yankee fan.) The first inning was extremely pleasant...highlighted by the ever so amazing Derek Jeter scoring off the Abreu home run. But right about the time that I finished my California was clear that Derek would not return to the game. Talk about a bummer.

The good thing is that the Yanks were able to pull of the win in spite of the absence of Derek. I actually watched the rest of the game in spite of the fact that my favorite Yankees were not playing. (Behind Jeter as my Yankee favs are Jorge and Jason.) In spite of my strong hatred for A-Rod and everything that he represents...I have to admit that he will no doubt have one hell of season this year. Good for the Yankees...bad for the soul of the sport. Perhaps if he can manage to pull his head together long enough to help bring home the pennant I will stop hating him...though it is unlikely.

Jeter will no doubt be back in the lineup soon. One can only hope it will be time for this weekend's trip to Boston. What is the point of paying for the MLB extra innings if Derek isn't playing?

That being said...let's shuffle!

Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond (125) - I currently hate this song. It is baseball season and therefore it is associated with those damn Red Sux! Damn them for ruining such a great song! I can't even listen to the whole damn thing!

Power of Love by The Early November (17) - A remake of the Huey Lewis and the News is supposed to be a punk rock cover but I don't think that it is. It is acoustic for one thing...and there is no sense of rock whatsoever. The singer sings in a low but sexy whisper for the entire song. The original is good...because it is the original and because it comes from the 3rd best trilogy of all time....but this version is not bad. It has a very intimate feel to it...which is never a bad thing.

Girl by Beck (94) - Let me start by saying that I don't know that I get this song. Next let me say that I am probably glad that I don't because the lyrics seem awfully dark but hot damn does it have a great dance beat! I love to dance around to this song!! I also love to sing the chorus...but only the chorus as the rest of the lyrics give me the chills. I am pretty sure it is another psycho stalker song...but that is okay. It is easy to ignore that minor fact as I rock back and forth in my computer chair. Have I mentioned the Beck is a musical genius?

Bennie and the Jets by Elton John (65) - Just try not to sing along with this song...assuming you know the words that is. Of course...most people don't know the words so what difference does it make? (For the record...I do know the words.) This fact was showcased in the movie 27 Dresses which I recently watched. It wasn't a bad movie. I do have to say that the first ten or so minutes were amazing!

Breathless by The Corrs (117) - I remember buying this album just for this song years ago when I was still living in Vegas. It was such a catchy song. When I listen to it now I smile because I still enjoy the peppy and cheerful and annoying as they are.

Romeo and Juliet by The Killers (24) - First let me say that I very much prefer the Dire Straits version of this song. That being said...I already covered that version in a previous Shuffle and I try not to repeat songs. So this is how to cheat at my own game I suppose. I bought the DS version by accident and ended up loving it. In has moved into the Millie Top 10 all played list. The Killers manage to maintain the romantic feel of the song...though Brandon Flowers does not match up with Mark Knopfler vocally. This is the type of song that one can close their eyes to and get lost in pleasant memories. It is also the type of song that one can sing in one's head to help forget the feeling of sheer terror that almost always arrives the moment one enters a tunnel. I am not sure why the Killers covered this song...but they did it well. It is such a well written love song that it would be hard to take away the romantic feeling that comes with it.

Well that is it for the night. Cross your fingers that Derek heals quickly as else I really am wasting an obscene amount of money on the MLB Extra Innings. has been far too long since I talked shit to the Red Sux fans in my life.

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THE TODD said...

It is good to have you blogging again. I have missed you my friend.