Sunday, April 20, 2008

134 Minutes of Pure Joy

Imagine my surprise yesterday when the mailman knocked on my door with a package. I hadn't ordered anything so I was caught slightly off guard. It was sent without a return label so I had no clue to what was in the box. Perhaps somewhat foolishly...considering that I had no idea what was in the box or who had sent it...I didn't give a second thought to opening the box. (I will admit that running through my head was Brad Pitt's voice from Se7en as he cries "What's in the box???")

So what was in the box? One of the best gifts that I have gotten in a very long time....ESPN Inside Access: Derek Jeter the DVD...sent by one of my oldest and dearest friends in the world.

Yes there is such a thing. Imagine if you will...all of the greatest Derek Jeter moments in one place. I'm not just talking about great moments on the field...I am talking every great Jeter moment, So let's break it down.

It starts with a segment called On The Field. The first chapter is Greatest Plays. They selected five great moments...all amazing in their own right...but I am sure that it was tough to pick only five since Derek has so many. None of the selections where fact I think that each play is in my favorites on my YouTube account. was entertaining so no complaints.

The next chapter in the On The Field is coverage from the 1995 AAA All-Star Game. I hate to admit it but when I first saw Derek...I couldn't help but laugh because boy has he changed. Sure he dominated the game...but the point is that he looked so different. He had the handsome face that he has today but that is about it. He looked so young. Let's just say that Derek has gotten better with age. And WTF was with the #13???? He belongs in the #2...end of story.

Next it goes to Up Close with Chris Myers. It was the interview after he won the Rookie of the Year and winning the World Series. At the tender age of 22..he looked as poised and comfortable in his interview as he does now after 12 years in the league. His hair was a little too high but other than complaints. In his dark gray suit and black God he looked stunning. I have never seen this particular interview before but I can't say that I got any new information from it. Anyone who has read Derek's Autobiography knows just about everything that they talked about. The remarkable part of this segment...the twinkle in Derek's eye as he discussed the fact that he knew that he wanted to be a Yankee since he was a young boy and what it meant to finally achieve that goal. You have to figure that he has answered that questions dozens of times and yet he still gets excited to talk about it. That is truly awesome. My favorite part of this segment...when asked about how it felt to be the most eligible bachelor in NYC...Derek laughed and said that he didn't know about that unless every other guy in the city got just got married. He even managed to blush when he said it. How adorable is that?

Then the DVD moves into a segment called Conversations. Think random people asked Derek questions about what it is like to be a Yankee, a short stop, good-looking, etc. new information but watching Derek Jeter is never a bad thing so no complaints. Interesting a 1998 interview with Joe Morgan Derek talks about his close friendship with A-Rod. Perhaps it is the pop culture geek in me but I cannot help but compare the Derek Jeter/A-Rod friendship with the Clark Kent/Lex Luthor friendship. I think that Derek befriended A-Rod because he wanted to find the good in him. A-Rod was on the brink of disaster and Derek tried to save him. Much like with Lex...the darkness was too much to fight and A-Rod was doomed to give into it eventually. But I was not a bad segment. I am not sure how Freddie Prinze JR found his way into it but whatever. You know...Freddie is not a bad looking guy but it is not in his best interest to stand next to Derek Jeter as it is pretty much like a Ford Fusion next to a Mercedes CLK. Poor Freddie.

Next we move into Sports Century coverage of Derek. I think that I have already seen all of the coverage previously so information. But once cannot go wrong watching Derek Jeter. The only thing that I really got was the line..."Derek Jeter is the essence of the Modern Yankee." I think that I am going to make an effort to use that line more often when discussing my favorite athlete.

My favorite part...the segment called Beyond the Diamond. There is no denying that Derek is the most amazing player in baseball but this segment shows that Derek is more than just a good looking shortstop.

It starts with a chapter devoted to his work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. First I have to say that it pulls at my heart string since I have been involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation for several years now so anyone else who is involved with it is a winner in my heart. The next reason that it is so touching is because most children get a few hours with their wish. The amount of time and effort that Derek and the Yankees put into granting this wish was amazing. The whole time got involved and made the young boy feel like a part of the team. Hell...Johnny Damon won major bonus points with me for showing off his dancing skills. Hell, even Reggie Jackson showed up. That shows the commitment that Derek showed the event. And yeah..I was crying by the end of it.

The next chapter...the 2002 Sexiest Athlete documentary. Just a bunch of New Yorkers talking about how sexy Derek is. Men and Women saying how sexy is...which is saying something. In the future I will probably just mute the DVD and watch the sexy I found myself getting more than a little irritated with my "competition". interview with Derek as he prepped to host Saturday Night Live. I remember the show that he hosted and I have to say that I thought that he was funny as all hell. Is there nothing that Derek can't do?

My favorite comments from the DVD:

Joe Torre said that when he met Tiger Woods...he looked into his eyes and saw Derek Jeter. He went on to say that they don't have to tell to tell people that they are good, they just prove it by the way that the love the competition. No doubt.

Jason Giambi says that Derek has a knack for always being around the ball even when he shouldn't. (I am sure that the flip is the inspiration for such a statement.) Whatever the reason for saying is 100% true and 100% amazing. That is why Derek Jeter is Derek FREAKIN Jeter.

At one point Jorge Posada describes Derek as fearless and unselfish. I think that is one of many perfect descriptions of Derek on field. Think about how many times Derek has crashed into the stands while going after a ball. The risk is high doing something that like and he does it with no fear and no hesitation.

The only thing missing...Derek Jeter's ESPY skit with Samuel L Jackson. Good I love that one!

So all in was a very good day. I did the domestic thing all, cleaning, laundry, etc. Then I took a break in the afternoon and engaged in my new favorite hobby of picture taking and then finished the day by watching the DVD. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.


THE TODD said...

So I take it that you liked the DVD. What about the rest? I hope so. You have seemed down lately so I wanted to do something to cheer you and my options are limited being so far away.

The Kiskadian said...

you have seriuos fuckin issues milville