Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What If You're Making Me All That I Was Meant To Be?

Let me start by saying that this is not the first post that I wrote tonight. The first one was too angry and too jaded so I deleted it. Today was a terrible day from the moment it started to the moment that I got into my car to head home. Nothing went right. Oh well...

The nice thing was that I was pretty much alone in my section of the office and was therefore able to sing out loud without anyone noticing except the XO when he entered the office without me knowing. That man is like a ninja with his sneaking skills. It is one of many reasons that I can't help but admire the guy. If I ever become an officer...I hope I am a lot like him. I don't think that he heard my singing...but it is highly unlikely that he missed my rocking out. (I had abandoned my chair by about 1130 as I tend to do when I am pissed off.)

Once again I have to say that as much as I love crooners...there is something amazing about a guy who can belt out a rock tune. Today I was reminded how completely bad ass Daughtry really is. (I must have sang each one of the below songs at least a dozen times today.) Here is my Daughtry playlist and why these songs totally kick ass!

Wanted Dead or Alive - For the record...not better than the original. That being said...it is the best Bon Jovi cover ever and the only one that comes close to the original. Chris doesn't try to sing it like Jon...he just tries to sing it well which is why it works. I get chills every time he sings the line "Sometimes you tell the day by the bottle that you drink. (Tonight it was white zin for me.) Those times when you're alone and all you do is think." Chris has a very distinctive voice that is sexy in its own way and he shows it off in this song.

Over You - Is this one of the best "Moving On" anthems or what? The funny thing is that when the day started I knew the first verse and the chorus only. By the end of the day...I was busting this one at like I was a member of the band...equipped with the whole head shaking and bobbing, neck weaving, with my eyes closed. I absolutely love the line "I can't believe you were the one to build me up and tear me down like an old abandoned house." No shit huh?

Feels Like Tonight - This song is all about failing that one person that you least want to fail. I have been beating myself up for failing over the past couple of weeks. I totally understand the desire to make things right which is why I have come to like this song so much.

Suspicious Minds - Of all of the covers of this song...this is probably my favorite. Chris Daughtry was meant to sing this song. Once again...he doesn't try to sing it as anyone but himself and that is what makes it great. It is actually a little low key for a Daughtry song but I still really like it. No crazy rock moments for me while singing this song...just a singing and subtle swaying with the occasional finger snap. This version is iPod worthy for anyone who likes the song and or Daughtry.

What About Now - First of all...this song was done for charity so that gives it bonus points. That being said...it doesn't need bonus points because it is FREAKIN' AMAZING! The song is the perfect love song and it makes me hopeful about life in general. This song really showcases the vocal talents of Chris. I mean...sure there is a guitar accompanying him but the song really is all about him. He alone carries the song and he does it so well. How hot is the line "Now that we're here, now that we've come this far just hold on. There is nothing to fear for I am right beside you...for all my life I am yours"??

Its Not Over - OK...its not. Seriously...I hear this song and my brain automatically agrees. I know that he is not singing to me but when he sings this song there is so much passion that I would agree to damn near anything. It is impossible for me to sing this song without getting all into it and doing the crazy hand movements that come with it. You know...fist pumps, grabbing at air, patting the chest, etc. I am sure that I looked ridiculous but I pretty much stopped caring about ten minutes into my 9am meeting. Hell a couple of times I was doing the fist pump and the knee bends...full on rocker style. Some days I really think that I was meant to more than a yeoman. Seriously though...this song is so passionate that it is almost too much on the average day. Which is why I say...OK...its not over. I'll try to do it right this time around...I don't exactly know what "IT" is but as I said this song makes me want to agree to just about anything.

Actually I stand corrected...one thing went right. My beloved Yankees won again tonight. Let's hope that they keep the streak alive as the Red Sux journey to Yankee Universe tomorrow.


THE TODD said...

so i looked up what a yeoman is and i can honestly say that you are definately meant to more than a yeoman.

i hope that today was better for you.

The Kiskadian said...

what the fuck is a yeoman?

The Kiskadian said...

did you hear that jovi and daugtry were gay together while on tour?

Millie said...

Shut up Robin. You think that everyone is gay...makes me wonder?

And a yeoman is my profession ASS!