Sunday, April 13, 2008

There Is Still Hope

Damn it all but the Yankees blew it today. A friend (I am using the term loosely as I am still pissed off by our conversation you Jeter hater!!!!) said that I should take comfort in the fact that today's game was one hell of game.

I don't. I would much rather it be a total blow out than to see my beloved Yanks barely lose in a nail biter kind of game. You know...I have to think that I might hate Manny more than A-Rod. I certainly did today.

All is not lost...there is still one more game this weekend and then I can go back to blogging about pop culture.


THE TODD said...

Have you gotten over your temper tantrum about school yet?

You know, you hated it the first time so what made you think that you would enjoy it this time around? Besides, if you stick it out in the guard you won't need school so what is the point?

Your Yanks are getting their asses handed to them at the moment as your romeo sits in dugout with his hands in his pockets. I wish I was there to see you fuming as I bet you are more than a little pissed.

Much Love my Dear.

The Kiskadian said...

and you say that i am ass. why rub it in when you know that she is already pissed?

Millie said...

Yes I am over the school thing. Still pissed but not as much as when we talked on Sunday. I have a whole new mess to annoy me.

Thanks for pouring salt in the wounds man.