Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dream A Little Dream

In spite of my current physical state, I felt it necessary to take a minute and say my peace about the upcoming Yankee/Red Sux match up for the weekend. Once I finish this post I will go straight to bed as promised. But I feel compelled to blog before the series starts.

Sure in the grand scheme of things...this weekend's series is pretty much irrelevant. Neither team has a strong winning record, in fact they seem to be content holding steady near the bottom of the AL East. Regardless of who wins, neither team will take the 1st place spot in the division. So one might ask what exactly is the big deal?

The simple fact is that I seem to be the only person on the planet who still classifies it as the Yankee/ Red Sux match up. Check any other source and it will list it as Red Sox/Yankees. It pisses me off. Sure Boston has dominated the decade when it comes to baseball but should that really be enough to overlook 26 World Series Championships? Clearly the media thinks so and it is downright disrespectful. Of course the Yankees have not helped their cause. They are playing downright terrible.

The reason that this weekend is so important is because it is the first time that the two teams will face off for the season. Now is the time for my beloved Yankees to send a strong message to the villains to the north. How awesome would it be for the Yanks to travel to Fenway and destroy the "Sweet Caroline Singing" Sux? What a way to recover from a disappointing start to the season!

Everyone seems to think that the Yankees are forever in the Red Sux shadow and that simply cannot be. This weekend series is the perfect time to shut up all of the haters and start playing like Yankees. All will be forgiven (except the A-Rod nonsense of course) if the Yankees can beat Red Sux this weekend.

Finally....I have taken so much abuse as a Yankee fan over the past couple of years. Hell there are three Red Sux fans in my office alone. As my time in Seattle rapidly comes to an end...I feel the need for payback. Sure the Yanks winning this weekend will not be the same as winning the World Series but in this time will be enough.

So let's cross our fingers and hope for the sweep...but realistically...I will settle for 2-1 in favor of my beloved Yankees.


The Kiskadian said...

i will say one thing to you my dear and that is that you are loyal but stupid. you have always been a loyal girl and that is one of the things that i love most about you. you will die a yankee fan and that is sad but commendable. much like most of your life choices, you will get no pleasure from your decision but in the end no one will ever be able to say that you were disloyal.

THE TODD said...

Don't be an ass. Just because your life is a mess doesn't mean that everyone else's is too. Besides its baseball so who the fuck really cares?

Millie said...

I care damn it!

THE TODD said...

What have I always told you Millie Vanillie? You care too much about everything and that is why you end up hating everything. Except me of course. I seem to be the only constant in your life and always will be my dear friend.

But seriously, it is fucking baseball. It means nothing and therefore is not worth getting worked up about. If you give yourself an ulcer over the fucking yankees I will never let you live it down!