Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It May Be Red Sux Nation but It Is Yankee Universe

So I challenge anyone who thinks baseball is boring to say that after tonight's Yankee/Red Sux game. (Yes I said Yankee/Red Sux and I will always say it in that order.) This was baseball at its finest. Sure it helped that the Yanks won but no one can deny that it was one hell of a game.

Where to begin?

Let's start with my least favorite Yankee...A-Rod. I have no real complaints about him tonight. He played decently. Not 28 million a year good but well enough. His homer was a thing of beauty which reminds me that when he is on...he is on. His double that was almost a home run was a wake up call for me. As much as I despise him...he is a phenomenal slugger. He should stick to hitting and keep his mouth shut. As much as it pains me to say was impressive to see him hit 522.

How impressive was Chad Moeller? Not bad for a kid who got called up for the minors because Posada and Molina are injured. Three hits in one game is not bad by any standards but it was the timing that was so impressive. I suspect that he will stick around which is awesome. He impressed me tonight and I am sure that I am not the only Yankee fan who is saying that.

I have no real strong opinion about Abreu but his home run in the 1st is what started the excitement so props to him. What made it even better was that Derek was on second at the time..but more on Jeter later.

Let's move on to the Yanks that I love...first up...Jorge. I am still bummed that he is only able to hit but that was more than enough tonight. 3 RBIs is pretty damn impressive. It is amazing to watch him hit...for two reasons. The first is because he is switch hitter which in itself is pretty remarkable. But he is an effective switcher hitter is what makes it so awesome. The other reason is because when he connects with the ball he makes it look effortless. He is the pillar of poise and control when up at bat...regardless of which side of the plate he is on.

Jason still have a fan in me. Your batting average is much lower than everyone would like but there is no doubt that you are still among the sports top sluggers. It will fall into place soon.

Finally...let's talk about Derek. You know...I spend a lot of time talking about how utterly amazing Derek looks (can you blame me?) and sometimes forget to give proper due to his skills on the field. Last Friday Red Sux Manager Francona made a crack about Derek's injury but explained it by saying that you can't help but worry about a healthy Derek Jeter. How right he was. Sure Derek looks stunning in uniform but he is also an amazing player. When he hit his 2 run single...there was a look of pure joy on his face. It was great to watch. Derek belongs on the field...and here's hoping that he stays on Yankee field for years to come. 2366 hits is amazing regardless of who it is hitting them. The fact that this hitter is one of the most gorgeous men on the planet is a bonus.

But the best part of the game...besides the final score I mean....Manny's strikeout. How awesome was that when he thought he got the walk and ended up having to walk his arrogant ass to the dugout. Man was he pissed. The only thing that could have made it better was if he would have gotten thrown out. He didn't hit the ump but he looked like he wanted to. It was priceless.

For as terrible as yesterday was most pleasant. I had a wonderful afternoon and then a great night of baseball. I enjoyed dancing around the kitchen while making dinner. Not even the rallies that the Red Sux put forth were able to get the smile off of my face.

To quote Ice was a good day.

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It is good thing that you are cute because you are such a geek!