Saturday, March 29, 2008

But It's The Wrongs That Makes The Words Come To Life

Again let me start by apologizing for my lack of blogging. Have I mentioned how much I really hate my school work? Well to be fair...I hate one of my classes which isn't bad because I am taking three. I am just hating the pop culture class so much that it is hard to remember that I am enjoying the other two. Oh well...I digress...the point is that to my few subscribers...I do apologize and strive to do better once I am down to two classes. Moving on...

Have you heard the Fall Out Boy featuring John Mayer cover of Beat It? Holy shit is it awesome. give me chills. So let's quickly break it down.

Michael Jackson's Beat It is an awesome tune to begin with. It is not one of the best songs ever but it is pretty awesome in its own right. So for me to say that Fall Out Boy and John Mayer (?) have completely blown Michael out of the water with their cover is saying something.

I inserted the question mark by John's name because I am not exactly sure what John Mayer's contribution to the song is. He is credited as being a contributor to the song but damned if I can figure out how. There is a chance that I hear him during the chorus but I cannot be sure. Maybe he is just playing guitar which is always a good thing. isn't that important because he pretty much sucks no matter how you look at it.

The reason this cover of the song is so damn awesome is because it rocks out. As previously stated...Beat It is a pretty decent pop tune. Kudos to Fall Out Boy for realizing its rock potential. It was meant to rock.

I have to admit that as much as I like crooners like Joshua Radin...there is something incredibly sexy about a man who can belt out a rock tune. Take Chris Daughtry for example. He is pretty good looking in a rocker way but then when he starts belting out a song like "Its Not Over" he goes from good looking rocker to full fledged hottie. Maybe it is the fact that it requires a certain level of confidence to really let loose in a song...I don't know exactly...but it is quite appealing. But tonight we are not talking about Chris...we are talking about Patrick Stump.

Hot damn can Patrick wail?!?!?! This guy was blessed with a sexy voice and set of lungs to match. I am not sure why it took hearing him sing Beat It for me to realize that he is the real deal. (For the record...I am a huge Fall Out Boy fan...not a bandwagon jumper.) I have always enjoyed hearing him sing and the band's lyrics are awesome. Clearly Patrick demonstrated his vocal talents in songs such as Grand Theft Autumn and This Ain't A Scene. Sure I got a small case of the chills when he belts out "He tastes like you only sweeter" in Thnks Fr The Mmrs but nothing compared to Beat It.

If you trust nothing else that I blog that my pop culture class really really sucks and that Fall Out Boy featuring John Mayer (?) is absolutely worth the $0.99 to download from iTunes.

After ten minutes of searching through various youtube videos of Beat It...I choose to add this one because it was the best sound quality and because I found the video cycling amusing.


THE TODD said...

You are such a dork! That youtube clip is so dumb. Only you in your geekhood with your big heart could find something nice to say about it.

As for the song, you are right as usual. It is awesome. I hadn't even heard of it before.

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