Monday, April 21, 2008

This Could Be The One Last Chance To Make You Understand

For your reading pleasure...this week's Monday Night Shuffle.

Go Walking Down There by Chris Isaak (62) - Chris is a guilty pleasure of mine but I am not sure why. Maybe it is because I don't feel particularly cool whenever I listen to him. I think the reason that I like this song is because everyone knows that Chris is one hell of crooner but in this song he is rebellious and kind of an ass. Clearly he is pissed off at the world in this song because everyone is happy but him. I know it is weird but I think that his implied Fuck You to the world is pretty sexy. He makes no apologies for being envious and angry and that is hot. Besides, who hasn't felt the exact same way at least once before. It totally sucks to be surrounded by happy people when you are heartbroken and miserable. That being said...Chris has a pretty amazing voice and could sing about rocks and it would still sound sexy. The line "Look at all you happy people, I wish I could be like you."

Mr. Jones by Counting Crows (47) - I won't pretend that this song makes any damn sense. I also won't pretend that I haven't loved it since the moment that I first heard it. I think the remarkable thing is that I have never grown sick of it considering that it is on almost every "Most Overplayed Song" list on the Internet. I have probably sung this song more than any other non-Bon Jovi song. The fun part of singing this song is that it instinctively gets me to do the head bobbing and jumping around wherever I am at. The line. Well it is a tie between "We all want to be big stars but we don't why and we don't know how." and "Well gray is my favorite color." Gray is not my favorite color but it seems like such a random line for a song which is what makes it awesome!

Bathwater by No Doubt (123) - Anyone who knew me when this album came knows that I was completely obsessed with it. Nine years later I still really enjoy it. I think that Return of Saturn was No Doubt's best album...there I said it. (Words uttered just for you Andrew!) This song is the second best song on the album. I think the reason I like it so much is because once again it features a heartbroken singer who makes no apologizes for being bitter. While Chris was angry in the above mentioned song...Gwen manages to come off endearing and vulnerable. She knows that she loves the wrong man and that it is her own fault. She knows that the man is trouble and that she will never be able to change him into the man that she needs...and she still continues to love him. She knows that he is and will continue to break her heart...and she still continues to love him. She would rather be miserable and in love with him rather than be without him. The line: "Wanted and adored by attractive women, bountiful selection at your discretion, I know I'm diving into my own destruction." Strange is.

Gallery by Mario Vasquez (139) - Oh Mario...why did you have to "reveal" yourself to another man in the bathroom and ruin your chances of being the next American Idol? You could have had many great hits instead of this moderately successful song. This song reminds me of a conversation that I had with a man named Jason B (who kinda looks like Mario) regarding Jeremy K. The words were different but it was basically the same thing. I should have listened. Of course...I learned a valuable lesson from the ordeal but looking back...I think that somewhere I already knew that whenver possible it is best to wait until the vehicle has come to a complete stop before exiting. Perhaps Jeremy was never taught that lesson and needed a subject to test that theory. By-gones really. The line: "After he's done dulling your shine you're out the door and he's through with you."

I'd Do Anything by Simple Plan (215) - I absolutely adore this song. It speaks to the ska/alternative rocker buried deep inside of me. It is the quintessential ska love song. You can jump and dance around to it while pouring out your heart. I had forgotten that it was on my iPod until I was flying back from VA a couple of weeks ago. I laughed and even shed a few tears because it is just that kind of song and I was in that kind of mood. If it was played as a slow would be depressing. That was the great thing about ska music. It was so peppy and faced paced that it didn't matter what the lyrics were still had a smile on your voice. The line (s): "I'd do anything just to hold you in my arms, to try to make you laugh cuz somehow I can't put you in the past. I'd do anything just to fall asleep with you. Will you remember me cuz I know I won't forget you."


The Kiskadian said...

why the fuck would you joke about that shit? i have never been so pissed off in my life and you make a joke about the shit.

THE TODD said...

I have to agree with "the kiskadian" on this one. It is not funny to joke about the Jeremy situation. You could have died that day and therefore the situation loses all hopes of humor.

Millie said...

I am torn how to respond to you both so here are two answers for you to choose from.

It is laugh or cry and I don't want my mascara to run


What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

THE TODD said...

You are such a smartass. Still not funny

Anonymous said...

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