Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"_________, You're With Me"

So my latest guilty pleasure...reruns of NCIS. As my sleep becomes less and less frequent...I was forced to find a new show to watch instead of tossing and turning. There is only so much Law & Order: SVU or Scrubs that one person can watch without going a little bit crazy. Thanks to the fine folks at the USA Network and TIVO...I have three weeks of NCIS All Day Saturday Marathons to watch.

So last night I made a pretty good dent in the collection of the shows to watch and I am totally hooked. I can't say that I understand it...as it is not the greatest show ever. Nevertheless...I just want to keep watching.

Let's talk about a few of the characters that I am learning to love.
Let's start with Abby. I identify with Abby for one reason only. We are geeks who will never fit in. Much like her character...I can't say that I care. Sure I can do the social thing but I have given up on fitting the mold. I prefer my geeky ways to the stress of trying to be popular. I have come to embrace my geeky ways and love my friends who appreciate The Geek That is Millie. The folks on NCIS love Abby and her wacky ways which makes a geek like me hopeful.

Dr. Ducky is an adorable old man. He reminds me of that 'grandpa" figures from my church that I had growing up. Watching him makes me wish that I had my own old British mentor to amuse me.

Tony DiNozzo reminds me of every completely wrong for me guy that I have ever dated. Good looking and charming and a total pig. Sure there is a sweet side to him but it rarely surfaces and never lasts. With men like that...I think that it is the challenge of getting to see that side that keeps a girl trying. Sometimes when Tony smiles I think back to the " Tonys"I'm grateful for the memories but relieved that I am not longer in that phase of my life. The good thing is that Tony is fictional so it is safe to crush on him from the comforts of my living room.

Tim McGee is the type of guy that a girl should want to end up with. Cute (but not too cute) and a complete gentleman. He is a tough and smart geek which gives him bonus points in my book. He is a badass agent by day and writer by night. He is the perfect alternative to Tony and they balance each other out. My favorite scenes of the show are the two of them ragging on each other for their various traits. How can one not like McGees good ole boy charm?

But the best character of the show...Jethro Gibbs of course. Being that he is the star...this shouldn't surprise anyone. Seriously though...what is about him that is so damn appealing. He is a good looking older guy...but not too good looking. He is charming but only in small doses. Yet he is the reason that isn't mediocre. He takes the show to whole new level. If I could pick someone to have a boss in real life, it would be Gibbs...head slapping and all. Mark Harmon was named People's Sexiest Man in 1986. Don't get me wrong...he was pretty sexy even back then (I only this because I googled the photo shoot...as I was a mere four years old when the issue) but I think that he is better looking today. A lot can be said for a man that gets better looking with age and Mark is on that list.

If the charismatic character aren't enough for you to watch the show...watch it for the awesome dead body scenes. Perhaps it it the horror flick lover in me but I think that they are fantasic! They are probably the best on television!


THE TODD said...

This one made me smile. You are so predictable my dear friend. Fight it all you want but you are still the same Millie Vanillie that you were when we met 15 years ago. Come visit soon because we miss you.

The Kiskadian said...

there are plenty of us who love the geek taht you are.