Monday, January 7, 2008

Peyton For President!

So I am not sure which was the bigger let down from Sunday...the laughable performance of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the debut of The New American Gladiators?

The only reason that I was bummed out by the Bucs is because I don't think that The Giants are a playoff caliber team. I will say this...Eli looked like a pretty decent QB today...but still not what I would consider "Unstoppable". Whatever....I don't see them surviving next week anyway. At the risk of pissing of everyone within a three state radius...I am pulling for the Colts to dance at the big game. I am aware that the odds are not good that they are going to get past the AFC Championship game...yet I am still putting all my eggs in the Peyton basket. And if they don't make it to the Superbowl...I can take comfort that Tom Petty will be there regardless if my worst football dreams come true and we end up having the Tom vs. Tony showdown that many people are predicting.

So moving on...the New American Gladiators. So ESPN Classic is showing a bunch of the old episodes and I am going to record at least one for two purposes. The first is determine if my love for the show was pure juvenile judgement and if the show actually does suck as my father has always said. The second reason is in hopes that I will get a peak at Turbo because let's face Gladiator in the new series looks half as good as Turbo did.

Oh...and apparently steroids are not just for baseball players. creepy is this guy?
Oh weekend promises to be better for the Fab Four of Quarterbacks will be showing what they are made of. As for American Gladiators...don't count on my turning in next week.


Todd said...

Tell me you don't think Peyton is hot. But what else can it be? He isn't half the QB that Brett or Tony is.

I actually like Gladiators. Steriods yes but that seems to be the in thing to do these days. I figured you would be digging Wolf.

Millie said...

I am capable of liking a person even though he isn't hot.

Peyton is classly and talented and the anti-Brady so he has my vote. I am indifferent about Romo. I respect Brett but just don't think that the Packers are the best team in the league.

It seems that every year our friendship is testing during football season.

Todd said...

Sorry Love but Peyton showed he can't lead his team when it counts. He got lucky last year and it not likely to happen again.