Sunday, January 13, 2008

In Brett We Trust

OK so I am not actually a Packer Fan....but I don't have anything in favor or against them. I have always been pretty much indifferent when it comes to Green Bay. Spending several summers in Wisconsin did not convert me but it did probably keep me from forming any strong dislike for Green Bay. But today it was all about Brett...and so I cheered my little heart out for the Packers.

How much of a bad ass is Brett? I could recap the stats from today and the career for Brett but it would pointless. Brett Favre is a total bad ass and anyone who knows anything about quarterbacks in the NFL knows this.

Sure Brett had a great day as lead his team to a spot in the NFC Championship Game but it was the way that he did it that was so damn awesome. He was absolutely confident in spite of being 14 points down in the 1st quarter. He was excited even though he has been in this same position at least a half of dozen times in his career. But most impressively, he was classy. He never got down on Grant for his early mistakes, Brett never once showboated as he completed damn near impossible plays, never gloated as they took a commanding lead...he just played his game and played it well.

As with every sport, there are the athletes that I love and the athletes that I hate. Brett is my #2 quarterback in the league right now so you can bet that I will be cheering my little heart out for him again next week. If only #2 and my #1 QBs could do battle against one another in the Superbowl, I would feel like I picked a winner regardless of who earned the victory. Although at this point, as long as my #2 least favorite QB doesn't win the big game I will be pleased with the outcome of the season. It's not looking good though.

Sorry for the delay in the blogging. Most of you already know the reason. Things are back to normal and I am back to daily blogging.

Here's hoping that Sunday belongs to the Manning Brothers!


The Kiskadian said...

why do you like Peyton so much? he is a cry baby sell out who is overated and a commercial whore.

Todd said...

Sorry Love but you bet on the wrong horse. Hopefully Eli can pull it off so you are not totally disappointed for the day.

Remind me again why you are so anti-Brady.