Saturday, January 26, 2008

You Can Try To Stop My Dancing Feet But I Just Cannot Stand Still

At the risk of sounding completely insane...I Can Hear the Bells. I actually hear them chime.

No not in the Hairspray way...but this post is inspired by the movie Hairspray. Clearly...I have what many perceive to be an unhealthy obsession with music. Much like JD on Scrubs...I often feel like my life is being narrated. The difference is that unlike JD...mine is narrated by music vice insanity. There is a constant soundtrack going through the mind of Millie and to be honest I think that it is actually pretty damn awesome. Almost every situation is followed by internal monologue of "Oh...this is just like ____" or "So this is what ____ was singing about."...followed by finding the song on my iPod or by me singing the song in my head.

But the crazy train doesn't stop there. If you follow me into Facebook...(which I haven't found much time for lately...sorry!) know that one of my favorite groups is "Yes I Do Wish My Life Was Musical!". The only reason for this is because I would love to be able to break into song without people thinking that I am completely loony they do now when I randomly start singing whatever pops into my silly little brain. So here is my tribute to musicals...and the songs that they have given to me. I love and sing them often.

I Enjoy Being A Girl - OK so this song is only a favorite because it reminds of who I was once was. I no longer "Sit on the telephone for hours with a pound and half of cream upon my face" but there was a time when I did. There was a time when I was "Happy to know that whistle's meant for me." So yeah...I still love this song. I don't sing it very often but it brings a smile to my face whenever I do.

Cabaret - This song is guaranteed to cheer you up on even the worst of days. It has also proven to be quite effective in cheering up other people having a rough day...probably because I look and sound ridiculous when I sing it. It has a great message because honestly..."What good is sitting alone in your room"?

All That Jazz - Have I told that you I LOVE Chicago? The play and the movie of course. So anything from Chicago is worthy of singing but it doesn't get any better than All That Jazz. It always seems to be on the drunken karaoke list.

You Must Love Me - This is the only slow song on this list because they are just too hard to sing. It is such an emotional and relate able song that it is sometimes hard to listen to. Many a diva has sang this song...but Madonna owned it in the film version of Evita.

Johanna - I will admit it...I wish that this song was about me. I guess Millie just doesn't have the same ring as Johanna does. It is such a sweet song of longing. What can I say? I have always been a foolish romantic...which is probably why I often disappointed.

His Name is Lancelot - Is there a better play than Spamalot? This song is so funny that it is impossible not to smile the entire time you are listening to it. So it doesn't actually have anything to with me and there is no way to relate it to my life...but I still love it.

Always Look On the Bright Side of Life - Spamalot is so damn awesome that two songs make the list. This is another song that is impossible not to smile while singing. It's not that you want to sing this's that you need to sing this song.

You Can't Stop the Beat - It is hard to say what my favorite song from Hairspray is...but this is the most fun song so let's go with it. I often sing this song when I am feeling like a need a little boast during the day. I'm not sure why this song inspires me to try harder or keep up with whatever is annoying me but that's okay. I think that somewhere deep in my wacky mind I honestly believe that as long as I can still sing and dance that everything is spite of the chaos that I can't seem to shake.


The Kiskadian said...

musicals suck! this is your worst post ever.

The Kiskadian said...

your new profile picture is awesome. daria blushing is perfect you milville.

do you still blush as easy as you used to back in the day?

DrFine said...

I never thought you were crazy for singing out loud. Maybe more people would be happier if they did.

Your choice of music sucks though.