Monday, January 14, 2008

Not A Total Loss

Today was all about football for me...which in itself means that it was a pretty decent day. Everyone already knows the outcomes and therefore I don't plan on dwelling on either game. But I do have to put in my two cents since most of you texted me your opinions and I justly blew most of you off. So here is my take.

I am pissed off that the Colts wasted their home field advantage. I am PISSED OFF that my beloved Peyton threw two huge interceptions. I am SUPER PISSED OFF that the Colts couldn't pull it together to beat a team that is not even close to being in their league. Let's sum it up and say that I am SUPER PISSED OFF about the entire Colts/Chargers game. More importantly, I am SUPER-DO-DUPER PISSED OFF because I don't think that there is anyway that the Chargers are going to beat New England. All of that being said...I still love Peyton Manning. He is still my #1 Quarterback. He is the Derek Jeter of football. The talent and the class part obviously. He is one aspect short of hitting the trifecto and we all know what that is so no point in mentioning it. So yeah I am pissed...but I am still loyal to Peyton and by default the Colts.

For the record...I have no real problem with the Chargers...nor am I a fan of theirs. I swore up a storm against them today because they were playing against Peyton. Next week I will cheer my little heart out for them because I HATE New England. It will probably be for nothing but there are some things that cannot be changed. Someone asked me today if there would be anyway I would ever cheer for New England. The answer to that is yes and that is if the Patriots were playing against McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles. McNabb and Eagles could be playing against Satan himself and I would still refuse to cheer for them. As I said...there are some things that I simply cannot change. Moving on...

Eli...the other Manning. Hot Damn...I actually feel like I kind of owe him an apology. Eli has continued to impress me ever since I posted about him after his loss to New England. (Still pissed off about that BTW.) Nevertheless...I am digging on Eli. He played well under pressure today and lead his team to their first NFC Championship Game since 2000. I remember cheering for the Giants in that game and guess what...I will probably cheer for them in next week's game too.

This probably sounds strange since not even 24 hours ago I was raving about Brett and the Packers but let's face reality for a minute. It is highly unlikely that either the Giants nor the Packers are going to be able to beat New England. (DAMN IT ALL!) So I base my decision to cheer for the Giants on two points. First, I think that it will be a bigger disappointment for Brett to lose in the big game. Bobby once said that the only person who ever said that it is better to go to the big game and lose never lost the big game. He knew first hand that it was worse to lose the biggest game of the season and the only way for that to suck even more than it already does is if that is how you end your career. So for that reason, I hope that it ends for the Pack next week. My second point is that for the first time in his career... Eli has the chance to move out of Peyton's shadow. If The Giants win next week and go to the Superbowl, Eli has the chance to do something that big bro Peyton could not do...which is destroy New England's fairytale perfect season. Now that is the stuff that legends are made of. Eli would forever prove that he is a stellar athlete and leader in his own rite...and not just because he is part of the Manning Family.

I love football. I have been so distracted this season with other stuff (like the fucking Yankees...whom I still vow to boycott until I am in my grave)...and my own stubborn refusal to buy into Seattle's 12th Man bullshit that I allowed myself to forget how much I love watching football.


Todd said...

You hate Brady and McNabb?

The Kiskadian said...

first peyton and now eli? you were always a sucker for the losers. i just don't get it. you are right about one thing. ain't no one gonna take the Pats.

Todd said...

Ok where are you?