Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stop The Madness

So in spite of my intentions to give up on American Idol...I sadly admit that I have so far sat through both nights of audition coverage. Here are my two cents....

- Ryan is awesome not matter what they say!

- "You Are My Brother" was the best song of either night.

- Love is not only blind but deaf.

- Some of those "men" make a better "woman" than I do and that saddens and scares me.

- The term "Guyliner" is going to explode in pop culture.

- Contestants need to abandon the Star Wars costumes.

Finally....for the love of Bob Cat Bob....please leave Bon Jovi alone. A part of died as I witnessed that weird guy butcher Livin On A Prayer.

I highly doubt that I will keep watching after the show moves to Hollywood...but auditions are always good for a few laughs, tears, and moments of sheer shock and confusion.

1 comment:

Todd said...

I can't believe you still watch this show. you are such a geek. but you are the hottest and sweetest geek I know.

hope you are feeling better.