Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hopefully everyone survived the evening and has ventured into the New Year with feelings of excitement and passion. For those of you who haven't, that's okay too as I am with you. Which is actually somewhat concerning considering that my life will most definitely not resemble what it does today this time next year. Oh well.

Yesterday was somewhat of roller coaster ride. I think that I went through most of the major emotions before I even got into my car. Yet it ended up being okay and making for a pretty decent day. I spent the first portion of my New Year's Eve in a good mood and happy.
The day turned into night and I was still in a pretty decent mood...until I had yet another moment of unbelievable pain that made me want to pass out. After calling the on call doc and deciding that I just would ride it out at home, I promptly climbed on my couch where I spent the next 24 hours.

As terrible as it is this to admit...I thoroughly enjoyed my day of being a bum and watching TV. It might be my favorite New Year's Eve to date...as I had no hang over and was completely emerged in pop culture which is always awesome. The fact that I was medicated made the viewing choices more tolerable...as this year's TV marathons completely sucked! (Can anyone explain to me why USA nixed The 4400 and The Dead Zone but is still totally on board with Monk?) The terrible TV show choices, my inability to get off the couch with any ease and my protest of the BCS left me no choice but to settle for movies. Here are the highlights of my near 24 hour marathon of viewing...

Let's start with the only TV shows that I watched during my couch potato period which were South Park and Deadline's To Catch a Predator, which were on at the same time last night so I spent about four hours flipping between the two. The sad part is that the Deadline episodes were actually more entertaining than the South Park episodes. I am amazed at the stupidity of the guys who get caught. To the people who choose the South Park episodes...you could have done so much better.
I gave up on regular cable at 2am and moved onto Tombstone on Encore or some similar channel. I am not going to go into too much detail on this movie because I realized while watching this that I owe it to the movie to give it its own post in the near future. I really love this movie.

I think I dosed off around 5am until about 7am. For the record, I dosed off during Just Friends which is a terrible movie.

So next I started to watch Stick It, which is mildly entertaining. Maybe that is how gymnastics training is conducted nowadays but it certainly wasn't like that when I went through it. I somehow think that this movie is for guys who fantasize about gymnasts and not for gymnasts themselves. I did realize that I was still in a little too much pain to be watching funny stuff, which I would have learned if South Park hadn't played their bad episodes or it Just Friends had anyone in it who can act.

Around 9am I cursed USA for the Monk Marathon and TNT for the fact that even though Law and Order has nearly 400 episodes and yet somehow I have seen everyone that they planned to show throughout the day. Whatever. So I opted for the "scary" movie Silent Hill. It was another disappointment as it was not the least bit scary and very predictable. The only good part of the movie was hearing Sean Bean talk. I love his accent. Sadly, he only racks up about 20 minutes of screen time. Oh well.

Next I was onto King Kong. This movie was much better this time around but I suspect that the pain meds had something to do with it. Jack Black is a comedic actor and should not try to fight it. King Kong was so slow starting and even the action scenes were just okay. The best part of this movie is Adrian Brody who is one awesome geek. I gave up on King Kong after about two hours (Why is this movie so damn long? The Simpson covered the whole story in 11 minutes.) I opted instead to watch the last twenty minutes of America's Sweethearts. I like this movie, mainly because I feel like my life is just like Kiki's, only much less glamorous. And you can't go wrong with John Cusack...unless it is that damn 1408 movie...but I digress.

So then it was onto Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Big mistake as it was making me laugh and it still hurt to laugh. I swear...Kevin Smith is one of the greatest gifts to pop culture. In spite of how funny and painful it was to watch I gave into sleep for about an hour. I awoke and switched to X-Men, the Last Stand. I don't know what it is about this movie but it just seems unnecessary. It is almost as if everyone got together and made a movie because they felt like they should. Oh well. I zoned out and tried to figure out if there are any real goals that I would like to set for myself this year....or if I plan to just stay the course. Short of a desire to iron my clothes more often and always be properly attired, I really didn't come up with anything. Oh well.

Next it was The Da Vinci Code. Tom Hanks seriously was the wrong guy for this role, and the girl annoyed me. Sadly...the best part of this movie was another accent. I could spent hours listening to Sir Ian McKellen talk.

Then it was Saving Silverman. Fortunately the pain had decreased so I could enjoy the guilty pleasure of this movie. I don't know why I find it so funny...but any movie with Neil Diamond in it is destined to kick ass.

Next came The Prestige. I have seen this movie three or four times and for the most part I like it. I am just not sure that I get the whole thing. Were those creepy looking old guys his "clones" from using the machine? I don't know...but I like it. And guess what...Christian Bale talked with an accent....so bonus.

I have every intention on going right back to the couch and watching at least one more movie tonight. Even a bad movie is better than most of what is on TV. I am torn between Mars Attacks (as usual) or Jersey Girl, which is damn fine movie no matter what anyone says!

Happy 2008 my friends!


Todd said...

I am glad that you are feeling better. Maybe you should make a new year's resolution to see a doctor who isn't a total quack.

Oh and I think you have an unhealthy obession with Mars Attacks my dear.

Happy New's Years to you!

Millie said...

Damn Straight I do. I love that movie. It gets better everytime.