Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Au Revoir Brett Favre

Well it is final. One of the greatest athletes ever is officially retiring from the greatest sport in the world.

I am a little bummed but not too much and that is surprising. I mean, Brett is by far one of the best to ever play the game and I should be bummed that I will never again get to the see legend play. But I am not crushed. Oh well.

It is not like the league is going to be hurting for quarterback entertainment. I still have Peyton Manning to adore, Eli Manning to be fascinated by, Tony Romo to laugh at, Tom Brady to despise while secretly feeling sorry for (it is not easy to be controlled by pure evil), and Donovan McNabb to hate with the same intensity as I hate A-Rod. So I am pretty well set for quarterback entertainment for the upcoming season.

I think that we all took Brett for granted. I mean, he has been on top of the sport for years and we all just got used to it. He was consistently good and so he wasn't anything special. It is kind of sad actually....considering that the records that he set are pretty damn awesome. But short of the Cheese Heads, I don't know if any other football fans are saddened by this announcement.

I hope that we see Brett again, be it as a coach or commentator (seems that they will hire anyone these days) or even on Dancing With the Stars. Brett is the model "Good Ole Boy" and I hope that he enjoys the retirement that he has most definitely earned.

--And because I cannot resist pointing it out...today Brett was quoted saying " To go the Superbowl and lose would almost be worse than anything else. Anything less than a Superbowl win would be unsuccessful." I point this out because this was one of two reasons that I didn't want the Packers to go to the Superbowl back in February. I knew that Brett would have been haunted by a lose in the big game. So to all the haters who gave me shit about that statement back then...well you know...


We'll Miss You Brett...it just might take a few years for us to realize it!


The Kiskadian said...

you are such a girl. good riddance to the old man.

Millie said...

Show some respect man! Brett is one of the best to ever play the game.

Dr. Fine said...

Robin has always hating any man who is better than him which is almost everyone.

The Kiskadian said...

fine - you have been my bitch for years. i owned you on the field, you have had the girls that i let you have cuz i didn't want them, and your pretty face is still pretty cuz you are smart enough to stay out of my sight.