Monday, March 24, 2008

Everybody Needs Somebody To Lean On

Let's jump tonight's round of the Monday Night Shuffle. But first let me say that it is probably a good thing that I am back onto the shuffling of music. I have been listening to nonstop Bon Jovi since the concert. (Did I mention that it was FREAKIN' AMAZING!!!!???!!!???)

All My Life by K-Ci and Jo Jo (20) - I doubt that there is anyone around my age who doesn't remember this song. I absolutely loved it when it came out. (Sophomore year maybe?) This is actually one of the songs that I got in trouble for requesting on The Box. http:// So Anyway...this song brings back fond memories of homecoming and winter ball dances, of the hours of prep work that went into them, the anticipation of RK arriving to take me out for a night of magic and romance. I remember us slow dancing to this song and thinking that the feeling of bliss would last forever. Silly young thing that I was...I actually believed that I had found my prince charming and "happily ever after" was mine. I smile every time I hear this song because of those memories but also feel relieved when it is over. The song ends and reality returns...the notion of "happily ever after" vanishes with the final note. That being said, what a sweet love song. One of the best of its generation...and of mine. (I still can't believe that I am one of the few people who remembers The Box!!!!)

Handle With Care by The Traveling Wilburys (214) -Mental note to blog about the greatness that was Traveling Wilburys. This is such an awesome song. It is a compilation of some of music's all time greats and it is perfect. Seriously, there is no way to improve this song, unless you find a way to add JBJ to it. I never get tired of it and I always sing along to it. I think that it is one of the best non-Bon Jovi songs ever.

Twisted Transistor by Korn (48) - OK so I am not hard core enough to like this song but every now and then I like to pretend that I am. It is such a catchy hard rock cannot help but get caught up in it. I think that Korn's mainstream success was because their music was tough and rockin but catchy enough that poser hard rockers like me could get into it. I learned the hard way that I am not tough enough for Korn. I still get the chills (and not in a good way) whenever I think of the Korn Kage. (Seriously Todd...WTF were you thinking?) That was the scariest concert that I ever went to and the end of Millie the Hard Rocker.) Still...I challenge anyone to hear this song and not rock out just a little bit.

Dreaming of You by The Coral (159) - Once again I must give credit to Scrubs for introducing me to this song. I was actually dancing around my kitchen to this song about a week ago as I cooked dinner. Even more fun than dancing to this song is singing it. Maybe it is my frame of mind right now but I love to sing this song at the top of my lungs, as loud and off key as possible and rejoice in not being the only person in the world feeling this way.

Stone In Love by Journey (245) - Have I mentioned that Journey is the second greatest band of all time? Well they are. Burning love doesn't come once in a lifetime for most of for that reason alone I am not totally on board with this song. But it got it right with the line "Those crazy nights, I do remember in my youth, I do recall, those were the best times, most of all." It is an awfully long song and it seems a bit unnecessary.

Your Woman by White Town (67) - I was all about this song when it came out and now I am not exactly sure why. I seem to remember that it got overplayed but I still loved it. I loved that it was sung by a guy singing from the woman's point of view....but that seems to be the only real appeal of the song. The lyrics are certainly realistic though. They always make me think of the "devastation" that followed a high school break up. How many of my friends did I comfort using the very same lines after they had been dumped by their flavor of the month?? I must have been so smug, thinking that I was above that sort of drama. To be fair, I never cried to them when my romance failed....but that was long ago and how things have changed.

This Ain't A Love Song by Bon Jovi (208) - Is there a better rock ballad? Well yes probably but you would never know it when you listen to this song. It is one of the few songs that I have never heard performed live but that is probably a good thing. I would no doubt be moved to tears worse than I was a few nights ago when they played (You Wanna) Make A Memory. When Jon described this song last season on American Idol, he said that it was meant as "If this ain't a love song...than nothing is." Well duh....I wanted to kick whoever the dumb girl was who didn't get that. I is obvious that the meaning of this that if he is wrong about the love that they felt, than he is wrong about everything else. This song is filled with emotion. It would take a really strong and/or stupid girl not to fall in love with any man who should ever sing this song. Seriously...great ballad.

Let's close with a new edition to the My MC & Me Collection.


THE TODD said...

Come on, The concert wasn't that bad. You were safe the whole time. I thought we had fun.

The Kiskadian said...

i miss your postings. maybe you'll find time for your friends again soon.