Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bunny Love

Happy Easter folks. Right or wrong...Easter always makes me think of bunnies. So here is my list of my favorite bunnies/rabbits in the world of pop culture and the lessons that they have taught us.

10 Eddie Rabbit - "Oh I love a rainy night."
I am fan of Eddie Rabbit for reason and that is because I too love a rainy night. ;)
Lesson - A little rain is a good thing.

#9 The White Rabbit - "I'm late...late for a very important date."
Personally I am disturbed by every aspect of the whole Alice in Wonderland thing and that includes the White Rabbit. He was damn cute though probably completely insane. Curse him for inspiring Flavor Flav to carry that damn giant clock. Though I suppose he teaches is us as that even a broken clock is right twice a day...unless of course you a prisoner to military time. But I prefer...
Lesson - Stay away from a fool who carries a broken clock.

#8 Harvey - "Have you met my friend Harvey?"
I am not a fan of Harvey and largely because every drunk idiot I know makes reference to him. You go to a movie theater or bar and ask if that seat is taken and you have good odds that a reference to the world's most popular imaginary friend will be made. Stupid Harvey. He makes the list for popularity reasons and not because I actually care.
Lesson - Hallucinations are never a good thing.

#7 Energizer Bunny - "It just keeps going and going and going..."
I hate this damn bunny too He was cute when he first came out and now has been exploited to the point where I want to throw something at the TV when I see him. And yet he is one of the most recognizable marketing gimmicks so the long eared fool deserves his spot on my list.
Lesson - Even the cutest rabbit can be fucking annoying.
#6 Peter Rabbit - "Run Peter....Run!"
Poor Peter Rabbit...all he wanted was some veggies and it almost cost him his life. Next time Peter should hop over to the Wawa and grab some Cheetos and a Red Bull.
Lesson - Veggies can be hazardous to your health.

#5 The Fatal Attraction Bunny - "Tonight's special...Rabbit Stew!"
Is there any image of a movie bunny that sticks in your head more than this one? I think not. I think that it is one of the greatest "Holy Shit" moments in movie history. You know...the type of scene that makes you say "Holy Shit did I really just see that?"
Lesson - Not even bunnies are safe from the wrath of the woman scorned.

#4 The Killer Rabbit from Monty Python - "Look at the bones!"
Has any other rabbit ever been so simultaneously funny and creepy? This is one of those weird things that I find myself loving even though there is no good reason for me to. Oh well.
Lesson - Never underestimate something cute and cuddly.

#3 Jessica Rabbit "I'm not bad...I'm just drawn that way."
OK so she isn't technically a rabbit...she just married into the family. That's okay. She is too much a bad ass rabbit to be left of the list because of such a minor detail. Overall I am happy with my geeky ways...and yet there is a small part of me that wishes I was a little more like Jessica. She was sexy, smart, cunning and enough to turn the heads of men, cartoons, and rabbits alike. Now that is some range of admirers.
Lesson - Be careful of whom you choose to play patty cake with.

#2 Bugs Bunny - "Ain't I stinker?"
Sure he is cute but he really is a bastard. Think of all of the dirty tricks he pulled on his many nemeses. Think of vanity that he showed. Think of all of the times that he laughed at their failures. No wonder he had so many people trying to eat him. And yet we learned a very valuable lesson from Bugs which makes him worthy of the #2 spot.
Lesson - If you can't be smart and a smart ass who is well-sought after.

And the #1 Bunny/Rabbit in the world of pop culture....

#1 The Playboy Bunny "Who Loves You?"
(I have no support for the statement that I am about to make other than my own gut feeling but being that this is my blog...that is enough for me.) The Playboy Bunny is probably the most widely recognized bunny around today. That little guy is everywhere....included tattooed on me! What I find the most amazing about the Playboy Bunny is the fact that he just seems to pop up places. One a necklace here...a windshield there.... My point is that it goes beyond the cover of the magazine. It is an worldwide icon. For men it means naked ladies and for women it is a symbol of sexual liberation and celebration.
Lesson - If you are going to get a tattoo of a might as well be the Playboy Bunny.

Thanks for EW online and HS1 for inspiring me to write this particular post.


Andrew said...

Do you really have the playboy bunny tattooed on you?

Travis said...

Its Easter Millie! How could you leave off the Cadberry Bunny?

Hope your Easter was awesome.

The Kiskadian said...

You under estimate yourself Milville. You can be very Jessica Rabbit when you want to be.

Damn it! Now how in the hell am I going to get the image of you in a red dress like that out of my mind?

Victor said...

More importantly where do you have the playboy bunny tattooed on you?

Between that and the thought of you in that red dress I don't know if I am going to sleep tonight. ;)

Jason said...

Who is Eddie Rabbit? I googled him and still have no idea!

MoVi said...

Chicka you are sexy in a wholesome "take you home to meet momma" sort of way, not in an overtly slutty way like Jessica Rabbit, and that is in spite of having two playboy bunny tats!

Luv you Chicka!

Stacy said...

How could you leave off the Trix rabbit? I love that poor bastard!

THE TODD said...

Is that humor I detect in your post? Does that mean that you are finally starting to cheer up? I hope so. Don't get me wrong, I love that you still come to me when you need a shoulder to cry on but it sucks when you won't tell me why you're crying or who needs to be beaten for making you cry. But as I told you the other day, keep your secrets as long as you need and know that I am saving the beatings for whenever you finally decide to tell for who, for what and when.

Millie said...

LOL...I love you guys. All of you.

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