Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hip Hip Jorge!

Hip Hip Jorge...Hip Hip Jorge!

It wasn't pretty but what worth obtaining ever is? The point is that the Yankees won. That of course means that Carl Pavano lost. Guess what...I still HATE Pavano. I wanted to throw something at the TV every time I saw that asshole smile of his...and he smiled a lot while he was on the mound. Bet the asshole isn't smiling now.

Or maybe he is...after all, he still has the whole 9 wins...$40 million scam he pulled on the Yankees so I bet he wakes up with a smile every damn day. Asshole.

The Yankee win helped...especially seeing big hits and good plays by new passions of mine Nick Swisher and Mark Texiera. But even better for me was to see long time loves Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada making things happen on the field as they have always done. Regardless of everything else...I will always have my Yankees.
Let's give some kudos to Cody Ransom. I didn't boo him once today.

Thank goodness I only have a few hours to go until Episode 3 of Season 3 of The Tudors.


Lucy said...

Hip Hip Jorge! Gotta Love The Man Behind The Mask!

Stacy said...

Am I the only person who doesn't like Nick Swisher? All of tha Yankee Universe seems to be swearing that he is the greatest edition to the team ever.

He is always running his mouth and goofing off, both off and on the field. He is boisterious and just flat annoying! He acts like a big kid which sucks. He doesn't have the class of the normal Yankee.

What I am missing something?

THE TODD said...

You'll always have your sam too! My devotion to you will never die. Our friendship will never end. Cheer up my friend, it tears me up to know you are in pain. Much love little sparrow.

Anonymous said...

That was not a home run! Is there no limit to what the Yankees can buy?

Millie said...

Lucy - True Dat!

Stacy - Yes you are.

Todd - Much love and thanks to you my dearest friend. I know that you will save the day when the time comes.

Anonymous - Bite me. Leave your name next time or keep your mouth shut.

Conner said...

That a girl, get mean.