Thursday, April 23, 2009

Something For Everyone

So we all know that the Yankees is cavalcade of baseball greatness...but most of us also know they are a showcase of the most attractive men on the planet. There is something for everyone...regardless of what you are looking for. Don't believe on my friend.

Let's start with A-Rod. There is no getting around it. Alex is damn sexy. He has the body of God and no matter how much I hate the asshole...he is nice to look at. He satisfies the female desire for a bad boy. Sure being with him will probably leave you brokenhearted, humiliated and bitter for life but the ride up until that point would probably be worth it. My hatred for the man prevents me from ever wanting to explore that theory but I understand why a girl would.

Let's move to Andy Pettitte. Andy is decent looking...but nothing to write home about. And yet he has quite the sex appeal nonetheless. Why? He has the whole Tall, Dark & Mysterious thing going for him. He has those dark intense eyes that lure you in and when you add that to the get the foreign feeling that I simply can't resist. I love it.

Next we have Mark Texiera. Mark is clearly a good ole' boy that you would love to take home to momma...until you realize that he is such a good ole' boy that momma will want him for her own. He isn't super hot but he isn't bad on the eyes. He is simply a nice guy and sometimes you just want a nice guy. He runs the risk of being too nice and falling into the "friend zone" until he turns around and shows off his best feature. What can I say? The man looks great as he is walking away.

Now we have Joba. Joba brings out the Cougar in all of us. He isn't drop dead sexy but that's okay. He has a mischievous smile and a light in his eyes. All I'm saying is that I strongly believe that there is a lot of fun that could be had with Joba. For that reason alone he is on the list.

Johnny...oh Johnny! Johnny is good looking but there's more to it than that. Johnny has so much charm and charisma that I can't help but being drawn to him. He doesn't take himself to seriously and clearly embraces challenges and new things. I think that things with Johnny would be quite exciting. Then there is the whole redemption thing. The man has lived in hell and come back and is better for it. Every girl loves a redeemed man and Johnny is pillar of redemption. Love me some Johnny Damon.

Next we have the Swish. It is hard for me to believe that I never noticed Nick Swisher before but the man has my attention now! My oh my...what's not to love? In addition to his talent on the field he is a great guy off the field. He supports a ton of charities, loves the military, and loves his fans. Overall he loves his life. He always seems happy and positive and I really could use some of that. He strikes me as the type of man that would be impossible to be down around. He seems to bring up everyone around him. Who wouldn't love that? Seriously...I am crushing on the Swish.

But if you want the whole need look no further than Mr. Clutch...the face of the Yankees...#2 on the field but #1 in our hearts....Derek Jeter! Derek is the real deal...the whole package...the alpha of all men. If you read the know this which means that there is no reason for me to elaborate. If you don't read the blog (WTF are you doing here than?) just look at the picture and tell me that you would give all for Derek Jeter?

There you have it.

One might ask why I would write this considering that most of my readers are men and are wanting to throw up by now....assuming you are still reading in the first place. Simply because I still cannot cheer myself up and desperate measures. If I can't feel happy than I might as well be looking at good looking men.


Victor said...

You are completely crazy Millie.

You mean to tell me that you are not crushing on CC? He has deep pockets going for him.

MoVi said...

That's the wacky Chicka that I know and luv!

Stacy said...

Nick Swisher? Really? He is not hot! He is so annoying!

How old are you Millie? You seem too young to be talking about being a cougar.