Saturday, April 25, 2009

If You SoBelieve...

Today is all about revenge folks!

If we were talking about any two other might say that it is unnatural for me to feel as much hatred today as I do. But then when you remember that I am Yankee fan who stayed up until almost midnight to watch my team lose to Red all makes sense.

But I still believe. The series is far from over.

If any of you football fans are watching the draft tomorrow....check the audience for me! Sure it is day two of the draft but I am still super excited to be there.

Fuck the Red Sux!


Victor said...

How pissed are you today?

Today it sucks to be a Yankee fan!

How was the draft? Did you get a chance to take advantage of a Manning?

Alex said...

How did you tickets to the Draft?

You are the luckiest girl Millie! Last win at the old stadium, 1st win at the one, NFL draft. How do you do it?

Oh I mean lucky except for your team bending over for Boston this weekend. No offense but I'm predicting sweep.

Millie said...

Victor - Sadly no but I did seize my moment to say something completely out of line to Jon Gruden.

Alex - No offnese but why don't you go play chicken with the Metro-North. I'm predicting you'll lose. Jerk. ;)

THE TODD said...

I love when you stand up for yourself.