Monday, April 6, 2009

Still In Love


Well that was not the way that I expected the first game of the season to go. And yet...and I still as excited as I was this morning about the start of baseball and still ridiculously in love with the Yankees.

Sure a lot went wrong but a lot went right. Derek started off strong. Jorge and Hideki showed that they are still forces to be reckoned with. Phil Coke continued to prove that he belongs in the big leagues. The force out of Roberts was a thing of pure beauty. So in spite of the score...I am still pleased with my Yankees.

Ain't love grand?

When you love the Yankees as completely as I can forgive a lot. Why? Simply because there is the promise of a better tomorrow. Call me a lovestruck fool...but for now I am content to love for the promise of tomorrow. Of course...who knows how long I will sing this tune if tomorrow never comes.

Any wagers?


Lucy said...

Here Here Lady Rock! The season is just getting started.

Love the blog. Thanks for sending me the link. We should hook up in city soon!

Stacy said...

Tomorrow will come. It has too or we Yankee fans are going to have to riot. It would be a shame to have to tear down that beautiful new stadium because they missed the playoffs again.

The Kiskadian said...

For all of our differences we are alike in so many important ways. I live my life in the love with the promise of tomorrow.

Oh and CC looked like shit tonight!

MoVi said...

Who knew you luved the Yanks so much Kiskadian? ;(

Millie said...

The Yankees are on the very short list of things that I have blind faith in.