Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Winner Gets To Go To McDonalds

So if you have watching any of the professional sports that have been on TV over the past couple of have no doubt seen the commercial for Guitar Hero: World Tour. Just in case you haven' it is.

Now you all know that I love professional athletes. You probably also know that I love Guitar Hero. So for me...this commercial is one of the best ones that I have seen all year.

Let's start with A-Rod. A-Rod is a totally unexpected member of the "band" which makes it so awesome. Alex's major downfall in life is the fact that he is arrogant SOB but he somehow manages not to come off that in this commercial. He genuinely seems to be having a good time and that is why he works in this commercial. When he first slid out I thought "No way!" because I couldn't imagine A-Rod allowing himself to be seen acting so silly. He even flashes that same smile that I saw back in May when I forgave him for being the most notorious choker in Yankee history. Bottom line...I love him in this commercial.

Then came Tony Hawk. I have no real opinions regarding Tony...professionally or regarding this commercial. I do think that they could have found someone better...someone like Peyton or Eli. Just saying.....

Next is Michael Phelps which was totally awesome. I loved seeing him rocking out on the guitar...especially when he and A-Rod are jamming while laying on the couches.

But then came Kobe. At the risk of opening myself up for abuse...I will admit that I am kind of a Kobe least of his commercials. In this particular commercial....he is FREAKIN' AWESOME! He totally channeled his inner geek for this one and he looked amazing doing it! Seeing him own that song made me feel like I could hang with him. He sang, he danced, he hammed it up for the entire commercial. I could spend hours trying to explain how cool it is...but I won't. Watch it and see. Let's just say that the geek in me is totally crushing on Kobe in this commercial.

Which reminds me of a commercial from earlier in Kobe's career.

I have yet to find anyone who understands my feelings regarding this commercial...but hear me out. The first time I saw this commercial....I cried. Watching it now...I still get teary eyed. Perhaps it is the whole "helping out kids thing" but it chokes me up every time. I crushed on Kobe for a good year after seeing this one for the first time.

So let's hear it for Kobe...who is just behind Peyton and Derek as the greatest pro-athletes who also make commercials.

Oh...and let's hear it for the Phillies! I am happy that they won the World Series...and not just because they are not the Red Sux.


arodschick said...

All of the guys look like they have chicken legs cept for my man.

conner gliman said...

You are such a sucker for athletes.

I bet you rock the shit out of guitar hero when you play huh?

The Kiskadian said...

Why in the hell would you cry in the McDonald's commercial?

You and I need to square off on Guitar Hero. You don't stand a chance against me.