Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Were So Young...All For One and One For All

Sorry for the hiatus....and thanks for the emails and calls.

So in effort to get myself back on track....here is a special Tuesday edition of iPod Shuffle.

Blood on Blood by Bon Jovi - This song really doesn't get the credit that it deserves. I think that it is because New Jersey is one of the greatest album of all time. It contains so many absolutely outstanding songs that one was bound to be overlooked. Vocally Jon rocks the hell out of this song. Dino and I were lucky enough to see this song performed live when we saw Bon Jovi in Vancouver...at least I thought we were lucky to have seen and heard it live. It remember getting a little teary-eyed because it is a rather personal song. Listening to this song there should be no doubt that Jon is one of the best singers out there. Lyrically it is pretty damn good because it is descriptive enough that you can actually imagine a young Jon running around with his young friends. But even better....the lyrics provoke reflections on your own days of youth and friends who were there. One really must consider themselves lucky if even one of those friends is still around later. I am lucky to have more than one of them still in my life. And based on the fact that both of them spend several hours on the phone with me over the past week, I would say that there is a lot of truth to this song. So I dedicate the best line of sing to those of you who sacrificed a lot of sleep for me last week.. Best Line: "Through the years and miles between us it's been a long and lonely ride but if I got a call in the dead of the night, I'd be right by your side."

Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins - Hearing this song kind of pisses me off because I am reminded of how talented the Smashing Pumpkins were and how much it sucks that they are no longer together. I almost feel cheated. Oh well. This song is bitter...but I am not exactly sure why. But it was by far one of the better self-loathing alternative rock songs that came out during the 90s. I think that I didn't appreciate it during its heyday because it was a little too dark but now I appreciate its opening line...as I have fallen for it many a time. Truth be told...it creeps me out as it seems kind Ted Bundy-ish. Still a good tune though...creepy stalkerness aside. Best Line: "Disarm you with a smile and leave you like they left me here to wither in denial, the bitterness of one who's left alone."

I Get Lonely by Janet Jackson - I think this might be the last song by Janet Jackson that I actually liked. The title is accurate as it is all about being lonely. More importantly it captures what goes into being lonely. Only someone who has ever been lonely can describe the feeling of loneliness. From the sitting by the phone waiting for the call to know that everything is okay. Only someone who is changed by meeting someone can recall the little details such the day of the week that you met that person. This song is a very sexy song about the desperate desire for that one special person. It captures how no matter how miserable the wait is...you do it anyway because you know that it will be worth the wait. Best Line: "Holdin myself close, pretendin my arms are yours...I want no one but you."

Real Love by Mary J Blige - There is only reason why this song is on my iPod....because it makes me laugh. There is only part of the song that does this and I know for a fact that there is only one other person who knows what I am talking about. Thank goodness for the "Old Skool lunch hour" and the memories that it created. All that being said...it is not a bad song...but Mary has definitely gotten better with time. I am not even sure how to write out the best line but I will do my best. Best Line: "I-----ahhh--------'m seachin' for a real love."
Got My Mind Set On You by George Harrison - Tough luck Dino but this song reminds me too much of you not to share it with my readers. So one night Dino and I were driving somewhere when this song came on the iPod. I was trying to remind Dino what an awesome video this song had and mentioned that it was by George Harrison. Dino never remembered the video by said that he liked George...especially his song "Faith". So after a few minutes of laughing so hard that I was in tears and almost wrecked the car, I was able to compose myself enough in order to let him know that he had confused the former Beatle with the guy from Wham! who went on to sing "I Want Your Sex". When I hear this song now, nothing has changed. I still think that the video was damn awesome and I still laugh as I try to picture George Harrison singing "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go." Best Line: "Its gonna take time....a whole lot of precious time....its going to take patience and time". Ok so maybe not the best line but there really isn't that much to work with.
Once again...for the record...I still love Joba and am still a loyal fan.


conner gliman said...

It is good to see you blogging again. Your Gramps was a cool dude and I am sorry for your loss.

I don't remember you being a Smashing Pumpkin fan. Why didn't you go to Cruses with us when we all went for a summer concert.

Dr. Fine said...

I am so disappointed that you left out the real best part of Blood on Blood. I'm talking the boys both trying in a ten to be made into men by the hooker. Now that is a side on Bon Jovi I bet you don't like.

The Kiskadian said...

Blood on blood
One on one
We'd still be standing
When all was said and done
Blood on blood
One on one
And I'll be here for you
Till Kingdom come
Blood on blood

You can call me at midnight any time Milville. I wouldn't be here without you and would do anything to make it up to you.

arodschick said...

I love the George Harrison video! All of the stuff started singing and shit! It was awesome! Remember the singing moose head? I loved that when I was a kid.

How old are you? I think we must be around the same age.

MAC DIZZO said...

Your right, this one did bring a lot of laughter=) I often reflect on our trip to Canada to see " Da Man". It was a fun trip and a great concert...even though the Canadians gave me a hard time crossing the damn border=)
Everytime the song Real Love comes on I always think about you. I can still hear you sing your part=) Actually there's many songs on the Old school lunch hour that remind me of you. Thanks for the cruise down memory lane. Miss you, Love you.

Millie said...

Dino...I would have fought to keep you from getting deported but I am glad that I didn't need to. Good Times!