Sunday, October 12, 2008

Buy Me Some Peanuts & Cracker Jacks

Wow. I didn't realize that the last What Is was so tough. If one more song would have been identified...I bet the Final Jeopardy would have been guessed. The answers were:

200 - Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen
400 - Head Over Feet By Alanis Morrisette
600 - Down On My Knees by Trisha Yearwood
800 - Arms Wide Open by Creed
1000 - Put Your Head On My Shoulder
Final - Parts of the Body

Moving here are my random thoughts from this weekend in sports.

Let's start with the Longhorns beating the Sooners. While I am no longer the devoted Husker fan of my youth, my Big Red Pride is still there. For you non Big 12 fans...this means that there is only time of year that I won't wish bad things on the Longhorns and that is when they take on the Sooners. The Sooners are the Red Sux of college football. I truly dislike their presence. So you can bet that I watched with great pleasure yesterday as the Longhorns somehow how outplayed the #1 Ranked Sooners.

Let me say that I was less impressed with the Red Sux/Rays game...but only because the damn thing refused to end. By the final inning...I didn't care who won as long as it just ended. I mentioned this to someone this morning who asked why I simply didn't turn off the TV. By the time you make it to extra would be a sure sign of weakness to give up. One must stick it out to the matter what the cost.
Can someone please tell me just what in the hell is going on with the Jets? No I am not talking about their playing...I am talking about their damn uniforms. First of all...when I first turned on the game I thought I had it wrong and Pittsburgh was playing. Where is the Jets green? Secondly...why do the uniforms look like practice jerseys from the 80s? I have never been a fan of the retro look and this is exactly why. Finally...did you notice the sideline hats? Why in the hell is there a T on them? If it is supposed to be is lost on me. Oh and it was it rather boring game until the end.

Hooray for the Rams getting their first win of the season. I have abandoned them for good but it was still nice to see them win.

Every Sunday is good Sunday whenever Peyton leads the Colts to a win.

Let's talk about that Cowboys/Cardinals game. Who expected that the Cardinals would be able to beat the TO and the boys. I for one was quite pleased. I do have to say that my heart still flutters whenever Kurt Warners smiles.

Was today the day of terrible calls and bad plays or what? I know that one of the commentators joked that the refs would be sore from throwing all of those flags but as lame as it sounds...he is probably right. What a crazy day in the gridiron.

The highlight of the weekend in sports has got to be tonight's Dodger/Phillies game. First of all...Jamie Moyer looked terrible which was a bummer. I guess I have to say that I love his commercials...hate his skills on the field. I was not surprised when he hit the 1st Dodger...and super excited when he hit the 2nd one because I knew that something would come of it. (I have been wanting to see a fight since I missed the one between the Yankees and the Angels.) So I was not surprised to see Kuroda throw at a Phillie. It was bittersweet that it was Shane Victorino. On one hand it was awesome because he was so classy about it and on the other hand it was a bummer because he was so classy about it. He didn't rush the pitcher which was a bummer but he reacted in the most professional way ever. I was most impressed by his willingness to accept being thrown long as it wasn't in the head. It was awesome. I don't know what exactly was said to provoke the bench clearing incident that followed but it was still pretty cool. Nobody threw in punches but it was still cool. I loved when Joe Torre had to hold Manny back from starting an all out brawl. I have to admit that I am becoming a Manny fan. He is awesome now that he is not in that dreaded Red Sux jersey.

Oh and it was cool that they finally won. There is still hope.


arodschick said...

Say It Ain't So. Manny is just this side of the devil!

Anonymous said...

Little tough on the Sooners don't you think? Those are college kids you are talking about and it is just a football game.

Kenny said...

The Jets uniforms are throwback jersies to the AFL days when they were known as the New York Titans.

When they were saved from bankruptcy, they renamed the team the Jets and were moved from the Polo Grounds to Shea.

Go Brett Favre!

P.S. Throwback uniforms or not, they're fugly!

conner gliman said...

You are always happy when there is a fight. Too bad no one threw a punch or Manny would have gotten tossed, torre or not.

THE TODD said...

How in the hell were any of us supposed to know a couple of those songs?