Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Going Down To South Park...Gonna Have Myself A Time

So I gotta say that after last weeks season opener of South Park I had serious doubts about being able to continue to follow the show. In fact, I have yet to talk to anyone who wasn't a little bothered by the season opener. But never the less...I decided to take a break from the massacre that was the Dodgers/Phillies game and watch tonight's episode. Honestly...I really just needed a laugh because today totally sucked.

I have to say that it was one of the funniest episodes that I have seen in a very long time. It is so funny that it warrants its one post..brief though it might be.

WARNING.....WARNING.........Spoiler Alert......WARNING.......WARNING

So it starts with Wendy giving a speech on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In typical Cartman form, he laughs every time she says the word breast as well as cracking lame jokes about "Killer titties". Wendy decides that she has had enough of his shit and challenges him to a fight after school. At first Cartman thinks that it is a good idea until he realizes that she is serious about kicking his ass. He also grows concerned when Butters points out that if he loses, everyone will think that he is a fag. So Cartman tries to make peace with Wendy but she refuses to back down unless Cartman apologizes in public. He refuses so Wendy's anger escalates to the point where she tells him that she is going to "kick his fucking ass" and that she is going to make him eat his own underwear in front of everyone. He misunderstands this to be his way out so he proceeds to eat his own underwear. Wendy laughs at him but is still determined to fight him. Cartman even pleads with Stan to stop Wendy by saying "Dude you are my bro and she is your bitch. I can't beat up my bro's bitch." Determined not to fight with her...Cartman resorts to desperate measures and earns himself detention by going to the bathroom on Mr. Garrison's desk.

As a result of the detention and against Cartman's wishes, the fight get rescheduled for first thing in the morning. Cartman then plays his ever reliable last card...and cries to his mom. Mrs. Cartman takes him to Wendy's house where he cries to her parents and accuses her of being a bully. In spite of pleading her case that it is justified, her parents forbid her to fight Eric. So being the bigger person, she goes to school and refuses to fight even though Eric denies that cried to his mom and calls her the baby.

Yet that isn't all that is up Cartman's sleeve. He starts off the school day by giving his own presentation on Breast Cancer Awareness by cracking rude (but humorous) jokes that send Wendy flying off the hook. As she starts to berate him, Principal Victoria pages Wendy over the speaker to get into her office. Expecting to get yelled at for being a bully, Wendy is thrown a curve ball when Principal Victoria practically orders her to fight Cartman. She did under the guise of doing it to stop Breast Cancer however it was a lovely play on words as she described the cancer as a "a fat lump of pure evil that must be stopped". More determined than ever, Wendy storms out of the office and goes straight to the playground to get Cartman his due.

In what is my favorite fight scene in all of South Park world, Wendy proceeds to beat the shit out of Cartman. I am talking an all out ass beating. At one point she is banging his heat against the jungle gym. By the end of it, he is lying bloody and beaten in the mud and Wendy is using what little energy she has left to kick him in the ribs. Normally I would be against anyone kicking some one while they are down but in this case...I loved it. By the end of the fight...everyone including the ever loyal Butters is cheering for Wendy. The fight ends with Wendy calmly stating that she is done and simply walks away. It was freakin' awesome!

I am not sure why I enjoyed it so much. Perhaps it is because the last person to truly square off against Cartman ended up eating his own parents or because Wendy was fighting evil and for a good cause...I can't really say. I do know that she is one of...if not my favorite character on the show. And if you remember way back to Season 1 Wendy warned everyone...."Don't Fuck With Wendy Testaburger".


patrick said...

why was your day so terrible? is ie cuz the dodgers losts?

movi said...

You kind of remind me of Wendy. I mean that in the nicest way chicka. You were/are super sweet until you get pissed off and then the mexican in you comes out and we all know that hell hath no fury like a pissed off latina!

parker said...

I felt bad for laughing when Cartman was giving his presentation but that was pretty damn funny. Good review kiddo.

THE TODD said...

I remember watching that episode with you and the gang back in the day. Didn't Wendy send the teacher to the sun?

THE TODD said...

Where you been at Milville? I thought that your knee was hurt, not your fingers.

The Kiskadian said...

You should change it to "Don't Fuck With Millie From The Block!"