Sunday, October 5, 2008

Overdosing on Sports

I love sports...but holy smokes was today tough. If only I would have had two TVs in my living room so I could watch both football and baseball. Actually, it would have required three TVs to watch all of the games that I wanted to watch but that would have been a bit excessive...even for me.

My quick summary of football...and I do mean quick because I really only watched it when the baseball games were at a commercial is that football would suck without the Mannings.

Let's start with Eli. There should be no doubt in any one's mind that Eli is the real deal. He is not better than Peyton...but I will submit to you that he is younger and still developing as a professional quarterback. Take that how you will. My point is that I watched him off and on through his game today and he looked damn sharp on the field. At 4-0...he is showing the football world that he is all grown up and can handle the pressure of being on a championship team. He is proving that last year's Superbowl win was not a fluke and that he and his Giants are contenders for it again this year. With the state of the Colts this season...let's just say that I am pulling for the Giants as I would rather have a Manning in the Superbowl than a Romo, McNabb, and so on.

Speaking of the Colts...I will admit that I was swearing under my breath as I watched the score ticker and saw the Colts falling further and further behind the damn Texans. And yet in the 4th Peyton and boys proved that they are champions at heart and managed to pull off the greatest comeback thus far this season. Never mind the fact that they were up by 10 at the end of the 1st quarter and went into the locker room at halftime trailing by 7. I don't care what anyone says...Peyton Manning is the best quarterback playing the game.

I didn't see the Ravens losing this weekend and I was surprised that the Jags lost. I just figured that after the way that they started off the game that it was their night. Sorry Kenny.

Let's hear it for the Phillies and them taking about the Brewers today...not that the Brewers really had much of a chance to begin with. That being said...the Phillies are looking pretty damn good. Honestly, I think that they deserve it more but it would go against my strong desire for a Dodgers/Red Sux showdown in the World Series. So nothing personal against the Phillies...but can I hear a "Let's Go Manny!"?


Anonymous said...

Will you still be rooting for Manny if Boston doesn't make it past the Angels?

donald said...

Not that it will ever happen but in the event of a Manning showdown in the Superbowl, who would you pick?

Millie said...

I will always root for whoever is playing against Boston.

And no question...I would pick Peyton.