Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playoff Predictions

So here it playoff predictions....based on my knowledge of baseball and clouded by my personal feelings.

Division Series:

National League:

Brewers vs. Phillies: The Phillies will take it 3-1. The Brewers had a good run but they are not a World Series worthy team.

Cubs vs. The Dodgers: The Dodgers will take it 3-1. Let's face it... Manny and Joe Torre know how to win while all the Cubs know is how to lose.

American League:

Red Sux vs. Angels: I hoping with all of my heart that the Red Sux take it 3-2. Stick with me on this...

White Sox vs. Devil Rays: The Rays will take this one 3-0. The White Sox are lucky to have beat the Twins...which still isn't saying much. If the Yankees or Red Sux were in their division...this whole last minute tie breaker game would not have been necessary.

League Championship:

National League:

Phillies vs. Dodgers: I would like to see the Phillies go to the big dance however it benefits the greater good if the Dodgers win 4-3 so we at least get a good series out of it.

American League:

Red Sux vs. Devil Rays: The Cinderella story stops here. The Red Sux will take it 4-1.

World Series:

Red Sux vs. Dodgers: The Dodgers will take it 4-3. Here is how and why...

- Joe Torre...he knows how to win championships and he knows how to beat the Red Sux.

- Financially it maximizes sales throughout the country. A cross-country battle for the World Series, especially these two teams will cause merchandise sales to skyrocket.

- It will be the ultimate Ha-Ha for Nomar and Manny. boils down to the fact that I hate the Red Sux. The world of baseball will be redeemed for me if the Red Sux lose to the Dodgers in the final game of the World Series at the hands of two former Red Sux whom have done better for themselves after having left the Dark Side.

So let's sit back and see how October plays out.


amadeo said...

Statisically and historically, your predictions have no merit so I am guessing that it was primiarly personal feelings that were used for this post.

I have to admit that it made me laugh in a good way when I read this as is usually the case. You are one amusing girl and I mean that in the most positive way.

Donald said...

I used to think that it was just a cute little rivalry thing but I am starting to believe that you really actually hate the Boston Red Sox. As a lifelong fan I am actually a little hurt.

parker said...

I thought you hated Manny!?! I am so confused.

jason said...

Don't you feel dirty for even talking about cheering for Manny?

THE TODD said...

You are too much my friend. I don't see things working out the way that you predicted but I will cross my fingers for you.

Millie said...

Amadeo - Thanks. I am glad you enjoy the blog.

Donald - Don't be hurt. There are few facts in life and one of them is that a Yankee fan must hate the Red Sux and vice versa. It is what it is.

Parker - Actually I find myself enjoying Manny these days. I hated the jersey that he wore...not him. My desire to see Boston lose is stronger than any issues I might have had with Manny.

Jason - No not a bit.

Todd - You always have my best interests at heart my dear friend. That is why I love you.

The Kiskadian said...

The worst part is that it might actually happen.