Sunday, May 11, 2008

Into The Light

So as much as I bitched about Crabby....clearly I cared for the damn cat because I have been a mess over putting her down all day. I didn't really think that the vet was going to tell to me that it was time to put her down. I was fully prepared for them to tell me that we could up her meds or something else outrageously expensive. In turn I would cave in spite of the shocking price tag and we would get at least another month of Crabby's presence. I immediately started to cry when the vet told me that nothing could save my evil bitch of a cat.

As evil as she was...she had her moments. I have fond memories of her trying to be nice and maybe that is what I will miss the most. Those rare moments when it wasn't blatantly obvious that she was the spawn of Satan...rare though they were made all of the other evil stuff worth it.

As the vet left the room to let me say goodbye, I couldn't help but smile through my tears as I picked her up and in true Crabby fashion she bitched slapped me. So I held her paws so she couldn't repeat the attack and held my poor skinny cat and cried. Then Elizabeth told me that it was time for Crabby to go into the light. The fact that Elizabeth saw that made me see that it was in fact time.

So tonight I say my goodbyes to the cat that I swore at on a daily basis. Evil as she was...I loved her.


THE TODD said...

Sorry to hear about the evil one. She was the bitchiest cat I've ever met.

Millie said...

I had forgotten that you had been on the receiving end of one of her evil moments. It made me smile.

Much love to you and the girls my friend.

THE TODD said...

Glad you are smiling at my pain. I never understood how someone so small could draw so much blood.

The Kiskadian said...

you have a bad habit of loving things that don't deserve it.

THE TODD said...

A point proven by the years she gave you.

I know that sounds like a dick thing to say but someone has to point out the obvious.