Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ain't Karma A Bitch?

I suppose that on some level I deserve this as a result of the mischievous acts from my youth...in spite of the fact that nice Sheriff pointed out that toilet papering a house is not the same thing as breaking in. Nevertheless...clearly this is more than bored juveniles...it is karma.

I haven't even started cleaning up the mess because I decided that I would rather spend the evening drinking parrot bay and dying my hair. (Quite possibly a bad combination...will see in the morning.) So the hybrid is out in the driveway with the Outback and Accord for company this evening. Being that I have shit for luck it would not surprise me in the least if it is not there when I wake up in the morning.

Here is the part that has me the most pissed off...Damn hippies!

Bloody hell.


The Kiskadian said...

what the fuck happened?

THE TODD said...

Seriously, what happened?