Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don't Tell Me That You're Sorry Cuz You're Not

As stated in a previous posting, it is rare that new music impresses me. Sure every now and then a new song comes out that doesn't completely suck but it rarely happens that several songs come out at the same time that I enjoy. So here they are and why they kick ass.

Juicebox by The Strokes - OK so I mentioned this song already in my latest Monday Night Shuffle but I really didn't do it justice. This song is awesome! It is face paced and well written. The eighth note bass line is outstanding! It is fiery and repetitive in a great way. It channels punk rock of old with its chorus. Quite honestly...I cannot say anything bad about this song. In fact, I think it is the best that the band has put out to date. Considering how much I love Last Nite and Someday, that really is saying something. Best line: "The old time love song will die so swiftly." A completely download worthy song!

4 Minutes by Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. Once again I have said it before and will no doubt say it again but Timbaland is the King Midas of music. Everything about this song works with the exception of the video. The makes me want to go and do something. I am not sure what exactly but definitely something. Justin does seem somewhat under-utilized in the song but what else can one except when Madonna is attached to the song? The beat is pretty damn awesome as well. I cannot help but dance to it when it comes on. It was very helpful in the garage clean-up yesterday. Best line: "If you feel it, it must be real just say the word and I'm gonna give you what you want." Definitely worth the $0.99 to add to your iPod.

(Pause to give a shout out to my boy Jeter for hitting his 1st home run of the season like two minutes ago. Sure he is the most consistent hitter in the league but maybe now people will get off his ass now that he finally hit one over the wall.)

Take A Bow by Rihanna - I haven't liked a Rihanna song since SOS so this was a nice surprise. I wouldn't have even taken the time to listen to it if not for the fact that I was unable to change the TV channel when it came on. I will say one good thing about not actually get to watch music videos. VH1 and MTV both play music videos when only insomniacs like me are awake. So I heard the song and actually enjoyed it. It is well written unlike most of the recent Rihanna songs and it is amusing. She pulls off the tough-girl role quite well in this case and you know what...I feel tough when I sing it. As I said...a nice surprise song. Best line: "You put on quite a show, really had me going but now its time to go, the curtain's finally closing." Not a song for everyone but for any woman who wants to feel tough.

Believe by The Bravery - Once again...I am pleasantly surprised by the fact that The Bravery was able to follow up their last album with something that didn't suck. It is a actually a really good song. I am not sure if the rest of the album is good but at least this track is good. The lyrics remind me of Makes Me Wonder but that is OK. I think that it is because so many of us are wandering around looking for someone or something to believe in. Whatever the reason for the commonly used is a good tune. Best line: "I'm hiding from some beast but the beast is always here, watching without eyes because the beast is just my fear." Spend the $0.99 and download the song!

And favorite new song!

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz- Of all of the surprise songs on this list...this one was the biggest surprise. I really really don't like Jason Mraz. In fact, I hated his song Wordplay so much that it made me want to throw things whenever it came on the radio. So this song was another 3am find that almost makes me think that not sleeping isn't a bad thing. It was island music influence in the song that first hooked me but the more I listened to it, the more I liked it. The lyrics are funny and I can relate to them. It has a carefree feeling that I want to embrace. The song makes me want to dance but isn't the type of song that one can dance around to by themselves so oh well. I tried the whole looking in the mirror thing from the song and guess what...I laughed too. It is one of the best tunes of the year so far in my opinion. Best line: "There's no need to complicate...our time is short...this is our fate...I'm yours."

Time to focus on baseball for awhile. If the Yanks lose to the Tiger I am gonna be super pissed off. This is actually my only break of the whole weekend so damn it the Yankees better win!


THE TODD said...

No Offense Millie Vanillie but every song on this list S-U-C-K-S!

More importantly, it took your boy over a month to finally hit a HR? Your boy is getting too old for the game I am afraid. Sporting News classified him as a Veteran Yank. Veteran as in old dude.

Millie said...

I already wrote to the editor about that one. Derek is far from old!

The Kiskadian said...

i have to agree with todd on this one. all of these songs suck. i feel like a fag for having listening to them