Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let It Out and Move On I posted a well-written Star Wars related post it and realized that I had better pull the post. It was too dark of a posting and would get me referred to worklife or even worse...result in a paranoid phone call from my parents. (Email me if really want to read it). So is a complimentary shuffle. It is sort of like when baseball has a rain delay and so you end up watching an episode of Will & Grace instead.

Sally's Song Catherine O'Hara (137) - I love The Nightmare Before Christmas...specifically this song. Sally is probably my favorite fictional heroine. She was one smart and tough cookie...and yet so sad. Tonight especially...I feel Sally's pain. The best line of the song is the opening line...which makes it all the more awesome. Best line: "I sense there's something in the wind...that feels like tragedy's at hand." It is the type of 1st line that really hooks the listener.

Cradle of Love by Billy Idol (195) - I LOVE this song. It is the best song by any Billy...there I said it. ;>) AU I was actually singing this song in the car this morning...when I was still somewhat upbeat...completely unaware that the day would be one of the worst in a long time. I love this song because it is extremely sexy though I can't exactly say why.

Try Me by James Brown (245) - Love songs...they just don't make them like they used to. This is another song that I hear and immediately shut my eyes to better see the one that always comes to mind from the moment I hear the 1st note. There is no real reason for it since there is no connection between the two but it doesn't stop me from wishing that there was. I suspect that this song would be perfect to slow dance to...just as I suspect that I will never know for sure. Best line: "Darling tell me...I need you."

I Grieve by Peter Gabriel (174) - I don't know about the rest of you...but I always think of Nicholas Cage's character Seth in City of Angels when I hear this song. Remember how completely crushed he was by the loss of Maggie? I always picture the devastated yet determined look on his face at the market as he loaded his basket with pears as this song played in the background. He had tears in his eyes as he grabbed pear after pear, clearly fueled by his rage and pain. It might be my favorite Cage scene I totally bought it. I remember several of my guys friends making fun of this scene...(what else did I expect from teenage boys?) and yet I will always remember the tender way two of those insensitive jerks (kidding my dear friends) sang part of this song this to me at my saddest hour. Much like Seth in the movie...this song ended up giving me comfort...which is why it totally kicks ass. Best line: "Did I dream this belief or did I believe this dream?"

Of must sleep in order to dream.

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