Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm So Tired But I Can't Sleep

It is not always easy to be a Yankee fan but that being said...I am grateful everyday that I am. We might not have won tonight but we sure made one hell of a comeback. Tomorrow will be different as Joba will be on the mount.

So I don't know about you but I still remember the moment that I saw the GREATEST COMMERCIAL EVER. I was sitting on the couch...enjoying what up until that moment had been a rather dull Superbowl...and then it happened...I saw the G2 Commercial featuring Derek Jeter.

As stated in a previous posting, there have been few moments in my life that I actually had my breath taken away That was the 3rd.

It was not a fancy commercial...though there are special effects of the baseball field appearing in front of him as walked through the greatest city in the world. Words cannot describe how sexy he looked as he walked along in the black winter coat. Until that point, I had never imagine that he could look so sexy wearing so much clothing. It was a rather intimate commercial, just Derek and his thoughts. Don't ask me what he said, as all I heard was the sexy hum of his voice. (It would be unladylike for me to elaborate on the effect that his voice had on me at that moment.) It really is the greatest commercial a girl could ask for.

But the point of this post is not the fact that Derek is the sexiest man on the planet, nor that he starred in the greatest commercial ever...it is that once I got over the sheer sexiness of Derek...I finally decided to actually look into the product that Derek was selling. Not that it really mattered, since if it is good enough for Derek, it is good enough for me to spend my money on. (As previously demonstrated by my purchasing of both lines of Derek Jeter cologne in spite of the fact that it simple sits on my shelf...never having been used except when I sprayed it around the Seattle office in effort to convert the Red Sux fans to the right side.)

I am totally hooked on G2. It totally puts Propel, Vitamin Water, and good ole Gatorade to shame. I have actually started to buy it by the case because it is that good. Grape is my favorite...as is Derek's.

So if you take anything away from this posting...it should be that:
1) G2 kicks ass and you should drink it.
2) Derek Jeter is the sexiest man alive.
3) If Derek says that it is good...it must be and whatever it is should be purchased immediately.

And so as my insomnia reaches full force...it should be noted that am no longer firing on all cylinders (if I ever was). When one is as tired as I am....special consideration should be given to the weird shit that I spend my time thinking about.

I am aware of how truly pathetic it is that I am excited about that the thought that Derek and I share the same favorite flavor of G2. No need to point it out. But hey...relationships have started with less.


Dr. Fine said...

You sound crazy, you know that. Why don't you sleep?

The Kiskadian said...

Fuck off Fine. You are not welcome here.

Milville, you are lucky that you're cute. This might be your most ridiculous posting ever.

THE TODD said...

Sorry my friend but this is pretty bad. Either your obsession with Derek has reached frightening levels or you really, really, really need to get some sleep.