Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog On - A.D.D. Style

So I made to the east coast. I didn't really think that I wouldn't but should never count their chickens before they hatch...or so I am told. And are a few of the random thoughts and conclusions that I came up with on my journey.

My sister's wedding went off fairly uneventful for which I am grateful. So far I have very few pictures but here is one of the few that has been sent to me...which oddly enough doesn't not actually contain my sister or her new husband. So enjoy this random pic of my step mom Marti, my dad, MC, me, Dino, and my aunt Crackie.

- Tmobile's coverage levels are total shit. I am strongly considering paying the damn termination fee as a result of nearly two days that I lacked cell phone coverage....including that scary night in the hotel that was the splitting image of the one in Vacancy.

- Rubbermaid's on top roof storage system is the worst thing EVER invented and I urge everyone reading this to never waste your money on it. Your items that would have been stored in it will thank you. More will thank yourself because it sucks when you are driving and it is raining outside of and inside of the damn car!

- I still don't quite get the whole Wall Drug thing but I think it is totally awesome nonetheless! If you haven't been there, you really should visit at least once. Who doesn't want a free cup of ice water when driving through South Dakota? They have the weirdest shit shown in the above photo.

- Illinois has officially won my vote for the WORST state in the nation. Every time I go there I am reminded why I hate it so much and vow to never return. The roads suck, a lot of the people there are assholes, and it is the most driver unfriendly state that I have ever been on. Seriously...I hate that state so very much...and understand why my paternal grandparents are so comfortable there.

- The iPod is the greatest invention of all times and made the road trip pretty damn awesome!

Moving on....a lot of strange stuff has been happening in the world of pop culture...which it made it a pretty bad time for me to be on hiatus. I don't want to spend a lot of time recapping stuff since most of it is old news but I cannot help but comment on a few of the events that really got me all worked up.

- Brett Favre vs. The Packers. Bloody hell is this situation pretty fucked up. I love and admire Brett...always have but he is testing the limits of that admiration with each day that he continues this nonsense. First of all...I hate that everyone is calling it a come back. The man hasn't even been out for a full season! That would be like me heading into the office on Monday morning expecting attention for my comeback from the damn weekend. It is asinine. The other part of it that bothers me is that Brett seems to behaving like a selfish, entitled child and that is not how I want to remember one of the greatest QBs to play the game. Brett retired by choice. The Pack wished him well and started to prepare for life after Favre. By all accounts, they seem to be on track and suddenly here comes Brett wanting to insert himself back into the mix with no concern for the impact that it could on the new dynamic of the team. In my opinion....Brett needs to humbly back down on this one and realize that there is life after football.

- The whole controversy of if it is OK to sell pictures of newborn babies. Quite frankly...I think it is a little odd but what is more concerning are the people who are paying for it. I just think of all of the more important things that the money could be spent on and I find it slightly disgusting. I totally respect Jolie/Pitt for giving the money to charity but I still think it might one of the reason that "the world is burning to the ground". Whatever...I am amused by how passionate a lot of the nightly news shows are about the whole thing.

Finally...the one that you have been waiting for...

-The Madonna/A-Rod scandal. Quite first I thought that I must have read the subtitles on the TV wrong as I sat in my hotel room when the news broke. For all of the press that I have read on the subject...I still just don't see it. It is too odd of a pairing in my mind but whatever...stranger things have happened. But moving has only made me pity A-Rod, which is strange because the man should be the happiest guy on the planet. He has an insane amount of money, two kids, plays for the great baseball organization, and gets to see Derek Jeter on a daily basis. What more could one ask for? Yet...this is just one more example of the fact that A-Rod has no backbone or mind of his own and as a result has found himself manipulated once again. He seems to allow himself to be controlled by the people around him and I just don't get why he allows it. I hate that I feel badly for him...but I much in fact that I actually wanted to give him a hug. I don't know if the thing is for real...though there are a lot of reasons to believe that it is...but I can guarantee that these two will not have a fairy tale ending. That being is highly entertaining.

I have missed blogging and vow to do it more regularly.


THE TODD said...

Not trying to argue with you but at this point, I would accept any $$ of pics of my kids. In fact, I might start charging everyone, including friends and family per picture. Holy shit are diapers expensive!

The Kiskadian said...

if your asshole grandparents read this they are going to disinherit you.

seriously, what the fuck is wall drug? all of the pictures make it look like a damn freakshow!

Millie said... grandparents disinherited me years ago. It was worth it.