Sunday, July 20, 2008

Come On Let's Go

So in spite of the lukewarm reviews that mass media has been providing the new album by The Offspring, I am inclined to say that I think it might be the best album that has been released so far this year. It is my favorite album by the band since Smash...mainly because almost every song on the album is pretty damn good. So let's break them down...

Half-Truism: This song is not your average feel-good anthem but it still makes me feel energized when I listen to the song. It actually kind of reminds me of Livin' On A Prayer because it seems to embody the same message of fighting the good fight...regardless of what the outcome may be. Half-Truism offers a realistic outcome of the battle in its final line of "All our light that shines strong...Only lasts for so long" which gives the song credibility in my opinion. I like its message of self-liberation and keeping focused on what matters and to hell with the shit that doesn't. Overall...I like this song. Best line" You’ll make it better, shake it off, it never mattered anyway."

Trust in You: In spite of its title...don't think for a second that this is not a happy song. This song is angry and wants everyone to know it. Yet for all its anger...the song seems to want to get past the anger. I can understand the feeling...when you love someone, you want to trust them in spite of the fact that you have been badly hurt by that same person. Oh well. Best Line: " But I’m willing to find what’s really inside and show I am strong enough to trust in you."

You're Gonna Go Far, Kid: I don't think that I would describe this song as angry...more like bitter. In spite of its bitterness...I really do like this song and it might be my favorite on the album. I might be way off base here, but I think that the song is about the puppet finally standing up to the puppet master. It is about exposing the fraud behind the curtain for what he is and that is pretty damn awesome. But the main reason that I like this song...the opening line of course. I love a song with an engaging opening line. Best Line: "Show me how to lie, you're getting better all the time."

Hammerhead: So this is the song that seems to be the heavily released track so far off the album. I don't get it because I don't see anything spectacular about the song and probably wouldn't have bought the album if I had heard it first. It is somewhat reminiscent of 90s Offspring so I guess that is the angle. I am not even sure what the best line of the song is so let's just move on.

A Lot Like Me: So my best guess is that this song is a stab at every wealthy person out there who fails to give anything back to the people that made them rich to begin with. It is quite an angry song. I have no real opinion on the song so let's move on.

Takes Me Nowhere: This is an accurate portrayal of self-destruction and I really like it. It has a catchy beat and does not come off as angry as most of the other songs on this album. Yet it is one of the most real in the sense that anyone who has ever regretted a reoccurring behavior can relate to it. You know that the road that you are on will take you nowhere and hurts those around you and yet you stay the course. Best Line: "All the friends I've lost and the pain I've caused have never been enough just to make me stop."

Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?: A very deep song about a teenage regret. I think that everyone has had one of those moments where we wish would have spoken up but lacked the courage to do so. Kudos to The Offspring for doing so in song. Best Line: "And I'm so sorry now, I didn't know cause we were so young."

Nothingtown: The other candidate for my favorite song on the album. I think that it is because on good days, one can really imagine "getting out of this place" and even though it is completely foolish to entertain such is nice pretend. It is nice, even if just for a few moments, to pretend that you can just up and leave and go some place...and what the hell...bring along that special someone. Then the moment passes and the reality sets in as you find that you are still in and will forever remain in Nothingtown. Best Line: "Our superhero play, we'll leave this town today, hold on tighter with my lighter shining through."

Stuff Is Messed Up: I guess every punk band has to do an anti-government, anti-war, anti-celebrity song and this one is brought to us by The Offspring. It doesn't come off as seriously angry...just annoyed. Of course...most of the lyrics are sang way too fast for even me to understand so who knows? Either is a mediocre song that I don't see myself listening to very often. No line.
Fix You: Not your average song by The Offspring. It is a pretty good that I can easily relate to but just not the type of song that you would expect from the band. It is actually a little tough for me to write about this song because it hits too close to home from me. Best Line: "I wish I could fix you And I wish you could fix me."

Let's Hear It For Rock Bottom: Hell...with a title like could you not what to listen to it? In spite of its painful and dark subject, the song does have a decent beat that kind of makes me forget that it is about something so serious. But as a good friend of mine is learning first hand, sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom before you finally see the top. So this song brings a smile to my face as I know that he is going to get his life back on track soon. Best Line: "Wasting away, we’re hitting rock bottom and going down in flames, well it’s not that bad." Its not my dear friend.

Rise and Fall: Ah the title is a wonderful thing when it doesn't let you down. It is a rather nice ending song for this it is somewhat energetic and you can rock out to it. It is a great way to close out an album that is a little dark and all too real. Even better...the last line of the song...the last line of the totally awesome. Best Line: "It is Triumph and Despair, Wish and Realization and we are both."

Overall...the album is damn awesome!
Speaking of damn awesome....
Let's hear for the Yankees Sweeping the A's. I have a pretty important bet on the Yankees/Twins series this week so cross your fingers for me.


The Kiskadian said...

i wish that i could listen to music. i'll check it out soon.

THE TODD said...

I must admit, this is a damm good album. Every now and then you get it right my dear friend.

Millie said...

I have great taste in music...don't be such a hater.