Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's Up To You...NEW YORK! much to say in such little time. So let's start with the good stuff.

How about those Yankees?!?!?!?!?

I don't want to jinx them...thought after the way the Yankees spanked the Red Sux today, the Yanks could lose tomorrow and still be the winners of the weekend. It is a beautiful thing.

Before we jump into tonight's game...let's talk about last night. I didn't get to see the game as I was stuck in the Dallas airport but I didn't need to. The score was enough...but let's talk about what really mattered from last night's game....JOBA. Joba is the DA BOMB! The man is clearly proving that he is the real deal and deserves to be a starting pitcher. Holding the Red Sux to no runs is a major feat and Joba is to be commended for it.

So let's talk about tonight's game. In case you haven't Yanks embarrassed the Red Sux by beating them by a score of 10 -3. Being that I was exhausted from my late night flight...the only real thing that I accomplished today was watching the game from start to finish. I will admit that I did feel a moment of woe when the Red Sux took an early lead. But honestly...I didn't give up as I might have in a different game. The reason...the Yankees are on fire and Boston is not.

I am not going to bore anyone with the details of the game...rather just stick with the highlights. The highlights were:

- Andy Pettitte. The man is money in the bank. Every time I watch him pitch he impresses me over and over again. His strikeouts are a thing of beauty.

- Robinson Cano. I don't know what happened to this guy...but I hope he keeps it up. He is hitting like an all-star and I love it. He started the Yankees on their comeback today and deserves credit for it.

- The Manny drama. to be fair...I hate the guy so any issue with him is going to amuse me but this particular issue is quite entertaining. Why would a guy like Manny bench himself with a fictional knee injury at this point in the season? That part isn't what's funny. What is funny is how good ole Theo responded to it. The fact that he apparently said that he would gladly considering Manny if only Manny would waive his NO TRADE clause is what I am loving. Even the GM of the Red Sux organization sees what a little bitch Manny is. My guess is that whatever message Manny was trying to send was not received due to the fact that his presence in today's game did not result in a win.

- JETER! OK so he didn't have any major offensive plays but his defensive plays were amazing. After all of these years of watching him play, he still makes my heart race when he plays well...and not just because he looks so good when he does it.

Regardless of tomorrow's battle between my beloved Yankees and the Dark Yankees have proven to teams through the league that they are well on their way to taking over the American League.

Finally...once when I was 9, Todd randomly showed up at my house. He did this often but it is was significant because he said that he just felt like he needed to be there. An hour later was when I found out that my great-gran had passed away and Todd did his best to cheer me up as I cried. It is nice to know that years later...Todd still seems to know when I need him to cheer me up as I cry and magically appears. It helps that I was at the airport near his house but still...knowing that I have a friend like him reminds me that I am lucky. I am also lucky to have been able to make a new friend during this past week. Few people surprise me and it is always a joy whenever someone does.


The Kiskadian said...

i am shocked as hell by the way that the yankees are playing. they almost as look as good as they did during their dynasty years.

what is troubling you? if there is one thing that i have learned in this place it is that it is never a good thing to keep things bottled up. had i learned that years ago, things would probably be different between you and i.

THE TODD said...

That can't be the Kiskadian giving you advice about opening up. What the hell are they doing to you in there man? You might actually leave a fully functioning human being...I never thought that I would live to see the day.

Anyway, the yanks are looking pretty damn awesome. I can't believe that they are crawling back up the standings...of course they did the same thing last year and couldn't make it to the big dance so don't get excited yet. There is plenty of time for them to blow it and for you to blame A-Rod and go back to hating him as you should.

Give some thought to what I told you on Friday. There is no reason to continue to live the way the you do and you have more than enough people out there who are willing to help you. I'll be on the next flight if you say the word. I am your Sam until the end.

Millie said...

My Boys, you are both better friends than a girl could ask for. It is nice to know that when I am ready to ask for help, you will both be there for me.

Much love my dear friends.

THE TODD said...

Millie Vanillie, it is a two way street. Your friendship has saved me more than once.

The Kiskadian said...

This sounds like a fucking hallmark card. Man up both of you!

The Kiskadian said...

Why were you crying at the airport in the first place?

Millie said...

Well you know that I hate to fly.

Dr. Fine said...

You hate it so much that it makes you cry?