Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Really A Cat You See & It's Not My Last Life At All

Monday Night I have missed you so!

Let's jump right in.

My Favorite Mistake by Sheryl Crow (34) - Is there a better Sheryl Crow song? I doubt it. More importantly is there a woman alive who cannot relate to the song? I'll admit that on more than one occasion I have agonized over a man on the way out just as Sheryl does in this song. I am certain that it is the reason why it is a hard song for me to listen to think. Think about is song from my heart that sings of the very pain that comes from knowing your mistake has moved on even though you have not. What can I say? It sucks and nothing makes it feel any better. So I think that this is why I have a hard time to listening to this...thus its low playcount in spite of the fact that it is a pretty damn good song. Best line: "When you go all I know is you're my favorite mistake".

I'll Be by Edwin McCain (75) - For the rest of my life I will think of Scotty Roberts whenever I hear this song. This was the song that he chose for his homecoming dance theme song and being that I was behind in the presentation line, I must have heard it like twenty times before the big night. I remember the way that he joked around as he sang it in practice and made me laugh. But more importantly, I will always remember the way that his eyes lit up when the song started just as he prepared to be presented to the court. His eyes lit up, he gave me a quick hug and walked out into the spotlight and flashed that smile that made every girl in the room fall in love with him all over again. Scotty was a good friend whom I miss. If you're out there...hook a sister up with an email!!! Best line: "You're my survival, you're my living proof my love is alive, not dead".
These Photographs by Joshua Radin (409) - OK so I have written about this song at least a half dozen times before but once again I must throw the blog=my rules. So once again, I am inclined to say that this might be one of the most romantic songs I have ever heard. To read the lyrics, one might be inclined to disagree but hear me out. There is something about a photograph that I find romantic and almost magic. I think that it is the way that it can bring back the feelings from a special moment or the way that it can set fire to the passion created by the person in the photograph. As I have said previously, one of the best lessons that I have been taught is that a mental photograph is just as if not more amazing than a real one. It is more intimate....which brings me to the best line: "And these photographs keep me alive".

Scars by Papa Roach (184) - I was certain that Papa Roach would never top Last Resort but I honestly think that they did with this song. It isn't as hard rocking as LR but it has emotion so it is the winner in my book. While I literally wear my scars on my sleeve (lame joke I know but I am seriously sleep deprived yet again), this song reminds me that the even the internal scars serve a purpose. Best line: "And our scars remind us that the past is real, I tear my heart open just to feel". Oh and the video was cool!

So Many Men by Me & My (26) - I cannot thank Dance Dance Revolution enough for bringing this song into my life. It is not that I needed another song to narrate the friendship that Dino and I have but the point is that this always makes us laugh. It is a terrible song but I cannot help but start dancing and have to fight to urge to call Dino right then and there. That being said, this song isn't just Dino and I's song. This also belongs to Josiah and Dino since I tricked them into dancing to this song on DDR as well. Man is that an awesome invention! How else would I get men like Dino and Josiah to risk making fools of themselves as they dance to a song called So Many Men. Best line: "So Many little time!"

Don't Bother by Shakira (87) - The appealing part of this song is that it is angry without going overboard. I also like that there is a sense of strength in spite of the fact that surely her heart is breaking. Anyone who has ever been dumped for someone else can understand the range of emotions displayed in this song. First there is the jealousy of the other woman....the listing of all of the reasons she is better and why that you makes you hate her. Then it moves to defeat...accepting that she is actually better. Then it moves into denial...when you deny that anything is even tell this lie to yourself. There is the final matter how desperate...making outrageous promises that won't keep the guy anyway. Finally, you return to the act of trying to convince everyone, including yourself that everything is OK. As one last Hail Mary attempt to regain your dignity, you promise not to let the man who just broke your heart see you cry. Highly unrealistic in the real world...of course if you pulled a Shakira from the video and destroy the guys car while he is in bed with the other might be feasible. Best line: "So don't bother, I won't die of deception, I promise you won't ever see me cry".

Faithfully by Journey (278) - Oh how I love Journey. I am once again convinced that they are the second greatest band ever...critics be damned. While this is not the best Journey is their best ballad. I tend to judge a ballad by the what I call the eye effect. If I can sing the song without closing my is not a worthy ballad. If the song passes the eye is on to the head test. If the song moves me to tilt my head to the side, it once again passes the test and moves higher up the ballad rankings. Bonus points if the song gets me to do both at the same time. The final test of power ballad worthiness is if it can make me do the back bend. If the song moves me to bend slightly backwards as I belt it passes the final test. Few songs can make me do all three at the same time. Guess what...this one does which is why is the clear winner of the best Journey ballad...and a contender for the Millie Top 5 Power Ballads of all times. Best line: "And being apart ain’t easy on this love affair, two strangers learn to fall in love again, I get the joy of rediscovering you".

Magic by The Cars (196) - What a simple and sweet song this is. How can anyone not like it? It does feel like magic's got a hold on you when you first feel those sparks from a new love. I am also fairly sure that the last part of the song is about sexy which is cool since it is obvious. It is actually romantic in the way it is described. Best lines: "I see you under the midnight, love darts in your eyes. How far can you take it till you realize there’s magic in your eyes?"


THE TODD said...

Millie Vanillie, I don't even know where to start. Here are my random thoughts about tonight's posting:

-Scotty has been off the radar for years. Unlike us, he has let go of his childhood playmates.

-Your analysis of the Shakira song is more frightening that amusing.

- No real friend would make a guy dance to a song called so many men. Don't ever ask me because I won't do it. EVER.

- Journey is not the 2nd greatest band ever. Sorry my friend.

- Of course the last part of Magic is about sex. Your occassional trips in naivity are one of things that I love best about you.

GET SOME SLEEP DAMN IT!!! You are going to make yourself sick if you don't.

THE TODD said...

BTW, what the fuck happened to your Yankees tonight? How can a team that was playing so well get beaten so badly by the world team in the division?

Maybe you should be a Mets fan.

The Kiskadian said...

I'm with Todd on this one, you are the great love of my life but there is no fucking way that I am going to dance to a song called So Many Men. Were you wearing a low cut shirt when you talked them into it?

I thought for sure that you were going to throw me into your description of Favorite Mistake. I don't know if I should be relieved or insulted.

Millie said...

So...first of all...a real man who is comfortable in his sexuality would not be afraid to dance to a song about men. That being said, I didn't really give them a choice. I selected the song on their behalf before they could protest.

Robin, I have never considered our relationship to be a mistake. It seems that our fate was to be friends. Besides, if we would have spent any more time together, one of us would have killed the other. Things worked out for us the way that they should have.

Dr. Fine said...

I disagree with you. Robin was the first major mistake you made and guessing from the subtlites in your blog, not the last.

Are there any songs that remind you of me?

The Kiskadian said...

Fine, your just pissed that you never even had a chance to become a mistake. Take pride in knowing that you it has always been obvious that you are a shitbag.

THE TODD said...

She is going to close the comments section again if you don't knock this shit off.