Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lovin' The Yankees

Can anyone please tell me why the Yankees have signed Richie Sexton? Why take a guy that even the last place Mariners didn't want?

Moving of the best aspects of living in CT has got to be the fact that I can watch every single Yankee game without having to be a slave to Comcast and pay the outrageously high price for their MLB Extra Innings channel. I took great pleasure in watching today's Yankee/A's game...all 12 innings knowing that it wasn't costing me a small fortune.

Let's hear it for the greatest team in baseball (even if their record doesn't yet reflect this) and their persistence in winning today's game. Some have said that it was barely a win...being that the winning run scored as a result of Jose Molina getting cracked in the knee by a somewhat wild pitch. To that I would say that the Yankees never would have been able to score off of such a situation if not for the bases being loaded at the time. The fact that Derek Jeter was the winning runner has nothing to do with this decision.

Watch out Red Sux Nation...Yankee Universe is about to take over!

BTW...I am officially a Joba-the-Nut fan. The guy is awesome!

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THE TODD said...

So it isn't so. Joba the nut fan? Of all of the ways that you have referred to yourself, this might be my least favorite. Nothing against Joba but seriously, what is so great about this guy? Is it because he is doing well at such a young age?