Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You've Got To Win A Little...Lose A Little...And Always Have The Blues A Little

So its a day but thanks to this seemingly never ending case of're gonna get double the shuffle. So sit back and enjoy a few extra songs on me.

Jungle Love by The Time: If you don't automatically think of Jay and Silent Bob within 15 seconds of the start of this song...I must ask what are you doing reading this blog? Seriously though...the only reason that I like this song is because of Jay and Silent Bob. I love those guys. I don't really know any of the lines except for "O-E-O-E-O!" so lets close this one with...Snootchie-Bootchies.
Realize by Colbie Caillat - This is one of the newer songs on my iPod that I was a little unsure about. I couldn't decide if I actually like it or not. Upon listening to it, I don't enjoy the lyrics at all...but only because it is painful to listen to them. I hate that I completely understand the song and the frustration that comes from being there. I am not sold on Colbie's voice as I tend to find it slightly annoying. It doesn't help that I absolutely hated her last song...but this one isn't too bad. Best Line: "But I can't spell it out for you, no its never gonna be that simple, no I can't spell it out for you."

About A Girl by Nirvana: Critics be damned but I swear that this is the best song by Nirvana. The unplugged version of this song is what launched the Nirvana Unplugged into record-breaking album sales so how could anyone doubt the awesomeness of this song? The unplugged version kicks the original's ass but that is not the point. The point is that I strongly believe that this song is Nirvana at its best and I wish that more of their songs were like this and a lot less like Smells Like Teen Spirit. Who doesn't "Need an easy friend with a ear to lend"?

Susanne by Weezer: Holy must be a sign that I am need of some Kevin Smith. This movie is also awesome largely in part of its use as the end credit song of a movie featuring Jay and Silent Bob. (Seriously...I love those guys!) Aside from its greatness in the last minutes of Mallrats...this song is awesome because it is tons of fun to sing with a group of friends. My beloved friend Todd knows that this song is always guaranteed to make me smile...and is always willing to sing it with me solely for that purpose. I don't think that there is a better Weezer song than this....and it belongs on everyone's iPod. Best Line: "And all I can do is say that I haven't much I can give you in return...Only my heart and a promise not to turn...But I sing to you every day and every night."

Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother: Damn stupid Shrek the Third for turning a kick ass song into a cartoon soundtrack song. I loved this song until it was used in that movie and honestly...that is the moment that I stopped loving Wolfmother. How in the hell can one go from Jackass 2 to Shrek the Third? Ladies and Gents....this is the perfect example of selling out. I can't hear this song without thinking of Far Far Away and I should be thinking of Johnny Knoxville riding a rocket. Bloody hell it really pisses me off. No line as a form of protest.

Let's Get Down by Tony Toni Tone: There is one person who reads this blog who will know why this song always makes me smile...and I hope it will have the same effect in return. You'll be out of the hospital and "feeling better than a little while ago" soon my dear friend.

Bad Habit by The Offspring: I doubt that there is anyone around my age who did not learn at least one new curse word from the song. For that reason alone it will always have a place in pop culture as a classic. That is a pretty major feat considering that it was never released "mainstream". Is there a better song that captures the essence of road rage? I think not. As stated previously...I do not condone road rage...but I have had my moments when I have truly understood the words in this song. I have chosen the next line as the best because I can completely relate to it. Best Line: "When I go driving I stay in my lane but getting cut off makes me insane."

If I Had Eyes by Jack Johnson: "Sometimes time doesn't heal, no not all...just stand still while we fall". Truer words have never been sung. Time doesn't seem to help at all. This song is different from most of Jack's other songs but I actually really like it. It took me a few times of listening to it before I was won over but that's okay. It lacks the laid back island feel that is symbolic of Jack. is a great song. And it poses a very good question...and the winner of the best line: " The more of this or less of this or is there any difference or are we just holding onto the things we don't have anymore?"

Hey Ya by Outkast: Hear me out on this one...but I honestly think that this one of the best written hip-hop songs ever. I spite of its happy and bouncy beat, its sometimes silly lyrics, and musical madness of Andre addresses a few very real points of life. The 1st is the line "If they say nothing last forever than what makes love the exception?" Next is the line "My baby don't mess around and this I know for sure. But does she really want to but can't stand to see me walk out the door?" Next is the line "we get together but separates's always better when there's feelings involved." I don't know...I just think that if you get past the shaking like a Polaroid picture is a rather thought provoking song.

The Glory of Love by Bette Midler: OK so probably one of the cheesier songs on my iPod but rather appropriate for the times. This song really is like an old friend...being that I watched Beaches like 1000 times while growing up. (For some reason it isn't shown on basic cable every weekend like it was in the days of my youth.) Friends come and go from our lives...but I have been lucky to have two that have remained over the years and I suspect that they will be there in end...whenever that might be. While I am sure that to say this is in some way a stab at their masculinity but I always think of Robin and Todd when I hear this song. I do believe that "When the world is through with us...we've got each others arms."

For those of you have been bugging me for an update...Robin is doing better. He is not talking but the docs suspect that it is by choice and nothing serious. He is not out of the woods yet but he is getting a little better everyday. I have no idea when he will be released or what will happen after he leaves the hospital so stop asking.


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THE TODD said...

I don't think that it makes me less of a man that you think of me when you hear that shitty song. It would be INCREDIBLY gay for me to say that I think of you when I hear it because I would be inadvertently admitting that I actually listen to it. Since I never listen to Bette so I think that I am safe.

It is nice to know that you are counting on me to be there in end. Someone was to make sure that you are buried wearing socks.


THE TODD said...

Remember when we got kicked out of the skating rink for singing Bad Habit? Well Adam and I got kicked out of there for that, I seem to remember that you were kicked out for something else.

Dr. Fine said...

What happened to Robin? Is he ok?

Millie said...

I am glad that you remember because I swear to you that if I am buried barefoot...I will come back andhaunt you for the rest of your days my friend. It gives me the chills just thinking about it.

BTW...I have no idea what you are talking about. I have been kicked out of alot places but I don't ever recall getting kicked out of a skating rink.

THE TODD said...

Millie Vanillie, I say this with much love but I suspect that as a result of your beverage choices that there is quite a bit that you don't remember from back in the day.