Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shed A Tear Cuz I'm Missing You But I'm Still Alright To Smile

Let's shuffle.

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted by Jimmy Ruffin (49) - This is one of those songs that I have to be in the mood to listen to. Of course...listening to this song is never a good thing but not everyday can be great. There is a strong sense of despair in the song and I think that everyone who has ever had their heart broken can relate to it. The opening line is pretty depressing and the song continues on a downward spiral from there. Yet at the end there is hope and in the end isn't that enough? Best Line: "I'll be looking everyday...I know I'm gonna find a way, nothings gonna stop me now...I'll find a way somehow".

Somethin' Stupid by Robbie Williams (62) - Call me crazy but I actually prefer this version to the Sinatra version. Moving on...it is impossible not to start to sway whenever I hear this song. I am not sure what possessed me to learn every word to this song but it doesn't matter where I am...whenever I hear this song I have to sing it as I am swaying and furthering proving that I am geek. It is such a romantic song that I cannot help but smile in spite of the fact that my first mental image when listening to this song is of Sideshow Bob and Selma. Best of all...the best line of this song is the opening line...which always gives a song bonus points. Best Line: "I know I'd stand in line until you think you have the time to spend an evening with me".

Making Love Out of Nothing At All by Air Supply (198) - I know that I am going to catch a ration of shit for this one...but I love this song. I suspect that a lot of other people love this song as well but are too ashamed to admit it. Where as this is a song that I have always wanted to sing at a karaoke bar...I have never felt brave enough to actually do it...yet. I will say that this a very common Car/Shower Karaoke song in the world of Millie. If this song isn't awesomely bad enough on its own...it was taken to a whole new level after its appearance in Mr & Mrs. Smith. I don't know if Brad Pitt has ever been sexier than he was when he was singing this song while driving the mini-van. Deal with it indeed. Best line: "And I’m never gonna tell you everything I gotta tell you but I know I’ve got to give it a try".

Patience by Guns N' Roses (93) - I have recently been reminded how damn awesome Guns N'Roses were back in their day. They were/are no where nearly as awesome as Bon Jovi but still pretty damn great. While I truly enjoy their rock songs...it is their power ballads that I love. Whenever I hear this song...I usually have the urge to stop whatever it is that I am doing. I am not sure why but this song makes me want to pause and reflect for some reason. Maybe it is because lately patience has been a virtue that I struggle to possess. It is extremely hard to patient and I find myself in need a reassurance that it is worth the wait. This song is all about giving reassurance which is probably why I enjoy it so much. Best Line: "Was a time when I wasn't sure but you set my mind at ease, there is no doubt you're in my heart now".

321 by Hedley (148) - Flamingo Pose....ready...go! Anyway...this really is a catchy little tune. It isn't exactly awesome or anything...but I can't help but sing whenever I hear it. Whenever no one is looking...I will even strike the flamingo pose as I sing the the 321 part. I suspect that there is only one person who might know what I am thinking about and even he might need a subtle reminder. Seriously though...if you are going to own one song by Hedley....it should be this one. Oh and once again we have bonus points for the best line being the opening line. Best Line: "I heard a distant early warning but I chose to ignore it...and it came back and bit me".


THE TODD said...

No offense but with the exception of GNR, this entire post is pretty lame Millie Vanillie. I can't believe that you actually like Air Supply. That is gay even for you my friend.

Millie said...

Have you heard Hedley? Don't knock 'em 'til you've heard them my friend,

And for the record I have two songs by Air Supply on my iPod and I am not ashamed at all. I can't help but wonder what a search of your iPod would reveal.

Dr. Fine said...

I didn't know that anyone under the age of forty even knew who Air Supply was.

Anonymous said...

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