Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not Much of a Weekend

I am so sick of cleaning...sick of spackling...sick of gardening...So let's take a minute and focus on more exciting things...

Ok so maybe sweeping the Astros isn't the greatest accomplishment in the Yankee's history but based on how the season is going...I'll take it.

The Yanks are over .500 which is awesome. Sure we are still a painful 6 games behind the damn Red Sux who are showing no signs of slowing down but that's okay. Things are looking up in the Yankee Universe.

Most significant of it all is the fact the fact that Derek Jeter is playing the way that he should. Sure I gave him credit for "being a man" after that nasty hit he took in the wrist from that asshole from the Orioles but clearly it shook my man up. Nevertheless...he is once again playing like the superstar he is and I think that it is awesome.

I don't much to write about from the world of pop culture because I haven't spend as much time in depths of it and I miss it. I don't see myself getting back into it in the near future as the next few weeks are going to be insanely busy with getting ready to move, Jenn's wedding, and this damn oceanography class. I have been lucky enough to actually sleep over the past few days which is good because I am no longer dozing off while driving but my TIVO is near max capacity.

So let's end it on a positive Yankees are on a 4 game winning streak!


THE TODD said...

Holy Shit. Check out the song being played during the the "hooking-up" scene in Can't Hardly Wait. I can't believe that you missed it. You are slipping in your pop culture ways my friend.

BTW, who is Sam this days?

Millie said... my is a new favorite song of mine so that is probably why I missed it. I appreciate you letting me know. It is now another reason why Can't Hardly Wait kicks ass.

My dear friend, you have always been and will always be my Sam.

THE TODD said...

Just checking.

Millie said...

After 15 years you should know not to doubt it my friend. Who could ever replace you?

Dr. Fine said...

Are you guys talking about Sam from Lord of the Rings?