Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sweeping the Sox

I swore that I would not become one of those obnoxious fans who blogs constantly about their team but sweeping the Sox is just too great to pass up!

How awesome is it to go from getting spanked 16-0 to sweeping the #1 team/long time rival Red Sox? (Pretty damn awesome.) Johnny Damon played great...The Rocket pitched like the good ole' days...A-Rod hit a home run, Derek Jeter looked and played GREAT. It was a great series of the Bronx Bombers.

Yet the highlight of being a Yankee fan this week was release of the statement "Wherever Red Sox Nation is...I wish Bush would invade it." My political and military commitment frowned on the stab at my Commander in Chief however I loved the statement.

I respect the die hard Red Sox fans who have put up with years of disappointment from their boys. I wish them the best as they enjoy their time in 1st place (short lived as it may be). It is the damn bandwagon jackasses who drive me crazy. It is for them that I challenge that this week is only the beginning. Get ready for your first taste of being a real Red Sox fan...which is disappointment during the playoffs. It might not come at hands of the beloved Yankees...but after the ignorant things that the Red Sox Nation have said this past year...I just hope the pennant goes to any team other than them.

Let's Go Yankees!!

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