Saturday, August 11, 2007

Seeing Stars...

There was no contest today as Millie the Coastie prevailed over Millie the Geek. There was no doubt in my mind that the Coast Guard was the only place for me. These days are less frequent than they were a year ago...and prehaps that is why they are so bittersweet.

Today was quite the day at the Pier. Most days I am indifferent to all of the brass walking the base, (probably a result of the EPOY stuff I have gone to over the past year), yet today was different. I felt that strange feeling of awe, usually saved for greats like Derek Jeter, Bon Jovi, Gary Sinise, or even finding the blog of very intriguing WSOPC champ Victor Lee. But today is not about my vice...(pop culture and all things pertaining to...) Today it was the awe of seeing Coast Guard greats like Admiral H, Captain B, and MCPO CJ. (I heard that the COMDT was on base but the closest thing that I saw to him was his flag soaring over the base.)

I will start by confirming what anyone who has ever heard or seen the COMDT speak has already said, and that is that the Coast Guard could not be in better hands. I read his notes and emails, I hear his speeches and I am filled with a sense of pride for serving in CG. Yet, the devotion to duty is renewed and reinforced by the presence of MCPO CJ. Her leadership is one of the strongest motivations that I have to stay on the right side. I could go on and on and never capture the enigma that is MCPO CJ. If you have met her, you know what I am referring to. Those who haven't...I would compare it to Luke being in the presence of Master Yoda. Yoda never needed to boast, rarely showed off...yet you knew he was a badass Jedi. MCPO CJ is the Yoda of the CG.

I will close by saying that the Coast Guard is losing one great leader. I am sure that he will support his shipmates as passionately in retirement as he did on AD but there is a sadness from knowing that his charisma is no longer going to be a daily feature in the pacific northwest. He never made me or any other enlisted shipmate feel like a low petty officer, and that is just one legacy that he will leave behind. Fair Winds and Following Seas to one heck of 2 Star.

Semper Paratus!

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