Sunday, August 26, 2007

iPod Trouble

I have spent the past week using every bad word in known to Millie over the past week as I struggled to repair the nightmare that is Millie's iPod. I am not electronically savvy to begin with, so I probably made it harder than necessary. totally sucked.

It all started when my $349.00 80gb iPod started to act up. (I only mention the price to further stress my frustration. My old $69.99 Sony mp3 player never gave me any trouble until it got stolen in my SUV last year. Damn Crystal Owens for stealing my car. Her hearing is soon BTW, so stay tuned for update on that saga.) It started to cut off songs before they were over, sometimes seconds into the song. It usually happened to really great songs like Don't Stop Believin' or Someday, Someway as opposed to boring songs that are on the iPod because I am too lazy to take them off. Of course, I listen to these songs more than the boring songs so I guess it increases their odds of being cut off. The point pissed me off.

So I trouble shoot on various websites, I go to iPod blogs, I even flirted with Apple Store Geek Manny (who automatically had a strike against him because of my hatred for Manny Ramirez) for help. They all told me the same thing...restore the iPod. So I did and ended up having to import a bunch of movies and songs manually because for some reason iTunes couldn't find them. Hours is still cutting off songs.

So I went back the Apple store to seek help from anyone but Manny. Yet as fate would have it, Manny was working and remembered me and rushed over to help. Poor Manny is nothing like the namesake that makes me see red (no pun intended) and I try to remember that as I explain to him that his plan didn't work. So he offers another precious piece of an update on iTunes. This should repair the error. So I did and things just got worse. I lost everything but my purchased music.

No big deal right? Wrong...for over half of my collection was added from CDs or other music sources. So once I again I had to manually import the lost tracks. This time it was 1107 songs that had to be manually imported. I lost my playlists, my song counts, etc. I might have been the cause of this...since I as I already admitted that computers are not my strong point. However, I admitted this to Manny too...and I wish that he would have warned me that this could happen. RK asked me if I would be this pissed off if the guy at the Apple store was named Derek as opposed to Manny. The point was well taken. I think it proves my point that nothing good can come from someone named Manny.

I have no real point...except to vent. As mad as I am about the iPod (which is still cutting off songs) I am even more pissed that the Yankees are losing while the damn Red Sox are winning. Yet...there is still hope. Can I get a "Let's Go Yankees!"???

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