Sunday, November 2, 2008

What Planet Are We On?

OK...can anyone tell me how in the hell Kerry Collins is leading the #1 team in football?

Seriously...I don't get it.

How can Kerry FREAKIN Collins and the Titans have the best record football while Peyton and Colts are barely.500?

Once we solve this one we'll move onto how in terrible the NFC West is that the Cardinals are in first place.

Something is seriously whacky in the world of football folks.
It vexes me.


Gregory said...

The nation is facing one its most paramount elections and you are worried about football? As a member of the armed forces I would expect your priorities to be better. It could get really bad for us if things don't go well on Tuesday. You have many readers and you should be using your blog to influence them to vote for McCain.

Anonymous said...

Peyton is past his prime. It is time to put him out to pasture.

Kenny said...

It's the Defense and the running attack combined with a weak schedule. Kerry Collins just has to manage the game (Ala Trent Dilfer anyone?). Don't forget we've seen some serious injuries at the begining of the season. Brady. 3/5 of the Colts O line. Defensive player of the Year Bob Sanders. 3/5 of the Jags O line. Willie Parker. Jon Kitna (though the Lions might be better without him).

I disagree with gregory, better to keep the focus on football! LOL. I was watching the Jets/Bills game and during the commercial was one negative ad after another, I'm sooooo sick of the ads now. From untested to the McCain/Bush in the rearview mirror. Yup, sick of the election stuff. Let's get it over with. However, I will be watching the SNL special tonight.

conner gliman said...

Millie my dear, you are in for a season of disappointment. Peyton proved that he has lost his drive when he claimed that Colts fans had been spoiled in recent seasons and now the team was just playing average.

The Kiskadian said...

Kerry Collins had to have sold his soul because he is luckiest average son of bitch on the planet.

THE TODD said...

It vexes you?

I would figure that you be happy for the Cards since you are a fan of Kurt Warner.

I know that you haven't forgotten what a fan you used to be.

Dr. Fine said...

Who uses a word like vex?