Sunday, November 9, 2008

Random Recaps & Rantings

What can I say? My Facebook addiction has put a serious crimp in my blogging. Once again, I asked for your forgiveness as well as extend an invitation to be my Facebook friend. As well as to commit to blog more.

Now let's talk sports.

So let's start with on a positive note...and that is Mike Mussina earning his 7th Gold Glove. The man is about to be 40 and he is still the best pitcher in the American league. Hint hint Yankee management. But that brings me to the first sad note...

Everyone is filing for free agency. OK so honestly I did not expect Jason Giambi to be back but I really had hoped that he would be. The fact that he has filed for free agency tells me that he is all but done in pinstripes. I understand the move but I am bummed by it. What can I say...I am fond of the 'stach. He was so classy about the news of having his contract bought out that I couldn't help but want to give the guy a big hug.

I am actually surprised at the Mike Mussina news. The fact that he filed for free agency kind of stung. I really don't like the fact that the Yankees keep saying how Mike told them that he was pretty sure that he was going to retire. Throw some big bucks his way and motivate him stay for goodness sake! The Yanks need pitching and Mike proved once again that he can deliver. Its not rocket science for goodness sake! Joba cannot carry the Yankees alone next season.

There was some good free agency news in Yankee Universe this week...and that is the fact that Marte filed...and only because I could never figure out why we took him except that maybe that was the only way to get Nady. I honestly don't know because I was blinded by the greatest of The X-Man and didn't really give a shit about Marte and still don't. No hard feelings but I'm not sorry to see him go.

But even better.....Bye Bye Carl Pavano. Ok so he isn't officially gone but heres hoping. Just thinking about him pisses me off. I know that I should be more sympathetic to the guy but I am not. He was a waste of money and a spot on the roster and that pisses me off. He said that he is not surprised that the Yanks bought him. in the hell did he figure that one out? Maybe it was the perpetual boo-ing that he recieved from seriously disappointed fans like me.

But one cannot be happy about the newest free agency news that has hit the presses. So today I read that the Dodgers offered Manny Ramirez the second largest contract in baseball (just behind the greatest choker in the baseball...A-Rod). Now Manny has not accepted it however one has to wonder how he could turn it down. This actually bums me out because I was actually kind of hoping that he would be in pinstripes. Oh well.

And finally in the world of Yankee free agency...Andy Pettitte filed today as well. He said that he felt compelled to do it after being vocal about his desire to remain with the greatest organization in sports and them not being vocal about keeping him. I actually feel pretty bad for him and understand his actions. It sucks when you are waiting for the phone call that never comes. Silence can drive anyone to act out loudly in return. The problem is that it rarely works out the way that you hope it will. Poor Andy.

Football wise...I have no compliants. Of course...the Giants/Eagles game is far from over so that might change. There is really just one major moment of note to mention from the NFL this week...and it is all about Peyton and the Colts. It is always a good thing when the Colts win but it is even better when they do it in a momentus game like today. 40 years is a long time to go without a win anywhere.

And if that isn't enough...I was blessed to see three new Peyton today has been a good day. Vote for your favorite!

Nothing like great sports to top off a great weekend. Things are good in the world of Millie.


donald said...

How can you hate Pavano so much? He pitched alright on those rare days that he took the mount.

donald said...

The mastercard commercial is the best!

Anonymous said...


The Kiskadian said...

When I was watching the Mastercard commercial I finally understood your Peyton Manning thing. You two are the same type of person. You are both that bubbly annoying type with the rose colored glasses. Assholes throw insults your way and you think that they are great people for thinking the time to talk to you.

Not judging my dear. It is one of the many reasons that I love you so.

Of course it is what makes Peyton a girly bitch.

conner Gliman said...

The Sony Commercials SUCK!

It is funny how pissed off you get over Pavano.

Millie said...

I am flattered to be compared to Peyton Manning.

THE TODD said...

Fear not Millie Vanillie. Cashman is not stupid enough to let both Mussina and Pettitte go.

Dr. Fine said...

Christ Millie. Peyton looks incredibly gay in every one of those commercials. Why are you such a sucker for lil' bitches?

The Kiskadian said...

Shut the fuck up Fine.

Anonymous said...

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