Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm Lost In A World Made For You & Me

Happy Monday folks. Hopefully yours was a little bit better than mine. I am so frustrated with my knee that I would do just about anything to make it feel better. So let's shuffle.

I Hear A Symphony by The Supremes: For whatever reason I grew up listening to a lot of The Supremes. I think that is why I have been singing this song for years. Try to listen to it without singing along. It is a wonderfully upbeat love song that makes love seem like the greatest feeling ever. In a way it is refreshing because you can relate to the wonderful feelings described in the song. The new and exciting feelings, you joy you feel when your lips touch, the strong desire for the feelings to never end, etc. The only problem with this song is that is awfully one-sided. Of course, I doubt that it would be as much fun to sing if it was a bitter song. Best Line: "You bring much joy within, don't let this feeling end, let it go on and on and on."

This Is Halloween by Marilyn Manson: OK so this song is a wonderfully creepy to begin with. Throw in Marilyn Manson and it goes from wonderfully creepy to just plain creepy. I downloaded it for the CD that I made for my unit's Halloween party last week and then decided not to use it as it seemed like it was a bit over the top. Don't get me wrong...I love this version but it somehow seemed inappropriate for a work gathering. Listen to it once and tell me that you don't get the chills. Best Line: "I am the "who" when you call, "Who's there?"

Paradise City by Guns N Roses: You can never go wrong with some GNR. Picking a favorite GNR song is tough because almost everything that they put is pretty damn good. So let's just say in the right mood, this is my favorite song. Lyrically it is a bit tough to understand because of how fast Axl sings but that is OK. Between him and Slash they find a way to make it impossible not to rock out to this song. Whenever I hear this song I always think of Can't Hardly Wait and I smile. I love when geeks get their moment to be cool. Best Line: "I must be losin' my mind "Are you blind?", I've seen it all a million times".

Christie Road by Green Day: If you don't know this cannot call yourself a real Green Day fan. Whenever I reflect on the days of my youth...I realize that I had it pretty damn good. I had tons of freedom, never wanted anything that I didn't get, went to the best parties, landed and held onto one of the more desired guys in the city's A crowd, and had some wonderful friends. If I had any enemies(and looking back I am sure that did)...I didn't know about them. So yeah, I had it good. And yet like all teenage girls I still had my moments when I wanted to run away from all of it. It was moments like that when I would crank this song up and sing along with Billie Joe. I used to think that he was singing to me when I would hear this song. It really felt like he was singing the thoughts that were floating through my head. Sometimes I just wanted to get away but I wasn't sure where. Towards the beginning of the song, Billie sings of the loneliness of your friends being gone. And that's when it was tough for me when I was younger. I would spend the entire surrounded by people and was never alone. But eventually night would come and the truth is that the silence and loneliness scared me. Many nights I would fall asleep while on the phone, leaving some poor friend to realize that I wasn't answering anymore. The loyal ones would leave their phone off the hook so the dial tone wouldn't wake me. But I digress....Christie Road was my crutch in those rare moments when not one else was around. I suspect that many a person who grew up in my time felt the same comfort I did whenever listening to this song. If not, I am sorry that they never did. Best Line: "So I sit here patiently watching the clock tick so slowly, gotta get away or my brains will explode."


conner gliman said...

It used to make me so mad when you would fall asleep while we were on the phone. But I was the sucker how let you do it and I never did hang up the phone. I got in trouble for that more than once.

The Kiskadian said...

Holy Shit! Remember when we went to see Marilyn Manson in Austin? You were scared out of your little preppy shoes.

THE TODD said...

How could anyone forget that concert? Hell I was scared out of my preppy shoes. Remind me again why in the hell we crossed state lines to see Marilyn Manson.

movi said...

Where you been at?

Millie said...

Heck if I know. I think that the Marilyn Manson concert is probably in my top 5 all time scary moments EVER. My question is how we managed to pull off going to Austin in the first place.

Dr. Fine said...

I would have been pissed off if you would have pulled that on me! You actually fell asleep with someone on the other line? That's low Millie