Monday, October 8, 2007

What Else Can I Say?


Tomorrow is going to suck...what with all the damn Red Sux Nation People running around. I am not crushed by the outcome but I am pretty pissed off.

There are but a few positives in this otherwise painful series.

Johnny Damon finally played like a Yankee.

The Yankees never gave up...of course they never really showed up either.

I got to see Jon Bon Jovi looking super hot (though super pissed off) in the stands during game.

A-Rod wasn't terrible but was no where near the caliber of player he should have been.

Derek never really found that October magic that he is known for.

The Yankee pitching was luke warm at best.

The Yankees were not beaten...they lost. Plain and simple. Nothing else can be said when a team loses in the playoffs to a team that they have owned all season. It sucks.

It sucks for every Yankee fan who never gave up. It sucks for the Yankees themselves because they have all that talent but nothing to show for it. Sure they have one hell of comeback story, but that doesn't count for much in eyes of the boss.

Sorry Joe...but George might be right about this one.

Yet....there is hope and it comes in a bottle with a Captain on it. No not Morgan...Jeter of course! Order your bottle today!

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