Friday, October 5, 2007

What Was I Thinking????

Seriously...going back to school sucks! Okay so I am only taking one class and it is one that I find interesting but it still sucks. I hate sitting around with people who have nothing intelligent to say but keep talking anyway. (If you want to rant and rave but nonsense...start a blog!) does the differ from the average day you might ask???? Simply because I am paying for the experience. (Well not me technically but if I don't pass the class I will have to pay for it.) This is my humble opinion after only one week. I actually like the teacher and I like the material. I guess I just wish that there were more students.

I am already anticipating future debates (battles even) with my classmates and instructor. I think that I am too opinionated and conservative compared to the others. I'm pretty sure that the instructor is a hippie (he used to be a public defender.) I was SHOCKED when we got the results back of some survey that we took and someone actually said that they strongly believed that we are too harsh on drug users/dealers. One of the Coast Guard's missions is drug interdiction for God's sake. At least wait until you get out to against one of the core mission of the service. Oh well. At least if I start some heated discussions things will stay interesting.

I had several topics that I wanted to blog about tonight however I just spent an hour and half answering my damn discussion topics for class and therefore I am tired of e-bitching. So I will catch up the blog over the weekend. I will close with one last rant....

WTF happened to the Yankees tonight???????????

How in the hell could they lose their first playoff game 12-3??? Not only that...but they got their asses handed to them by a team that they have owned all season!!!! Seriously...WTF? I am going to get so much shit tomorrow. Oh well...its not over yet. Nevertheless...Joe should be hanging his head after tonight's game.

Let us console ourselves with a nice picture of Derek Jeter and call it a night.

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